Numbers for Strange Dream..Birthday Cake?


Hi Members,

I had the below dream last night which was rather odd...can someone please take what numbers are associated with my dream. thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!


Dreamed….I was in a grocery store with with my youngest brother (He is 23 years old) looking for a birthday cake, in the freezer section…went to the freezer tall cases to the left with small freeze long in the middle of aisle…cakes were too high in price

…went to another case that had cakes by Baskin Robbins, cakes in bottom of case had different funny shapes on them one with oversized doll with blond hair, another with ragged ann doll  The top cases had round cakes one priced for $10.97…when I opened one freezer tall case…cake had a ragged Ann doll cake…one cake had chocolate soupy ice cream underneath doll cake…

Dream switched and I was at the counter to check out…there was a white couple behind who kept putting their items on counter with mine…my purse was opened had $2.00 in clear view and it was beside items on counter..I moved my purse when couple put their items on counter…cashier said that the item I bought…which I could not see since it was blurred was $3.37.

I reached in my purse and handed her a $20.00 bill since I only had $2.00. 

I have started to keep a dream journal of my dreams. I live in Virginia if this helps too. Thank you!!!!!!!! 


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Welcome to LP abagofdreams,

I would play the #'s that you mentioned (1097,337 maybe 200)

would also try playing the # for money which is 756

I am also from VA , good luck and again welcome !!!

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Cake is 902 and 209

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Play 800 008 080

play for as many days as your grocery store is open in hours.


Had a dream re: birthday cake and 853 came out.

Good luck!




Welcome to LP abagofdreams. 

Have a great double ought six.


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cake 182

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