Who will badger you when you win?


Of course you are going to win the lottery, and you are certain that none of the bad things that happened to other lottery winners will happen to you.  You will be eternally happy.

In your happiness, you must expect that you will have to ignore some people who will badger you endlessly for money.  Who do you expect you will have to flip off the most? 



Whoops!  I forgot to include in-laws!?!  My in laws will badger me the most.

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If you go public about your win expect to have people come out of the woodwork trying to pinch you for some bucks.

Keep the news of your win to mainly family members and relatives expect many if not all of them to think and act as if you owe them something for being a part of their family.

Don't tell a sole except your immediate family pack your bags and hit the road/relocate then make your life full of fun and excitement.

When you have re settled send anyone you wish a check leave no forwarding address.

Give anonymously to any organizations of your choice no need to leave any trace back to you.

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Whoops!  I forgot to include in-laws!?!  My in laws will badger me the most.

My nefew and brother and my neighbors maybe and  and other  people I know  and strangers may badger me for money or they'll be envious of my good fortune. So I would definitely leave town as fast as I could to get away from them.


If I win a jackpot, I would talk to my immediate family first.

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I have a sisiter who is a total bum-I know she would anoy me along with an aunt or two


If I win a jackpot, I would talk to my immediate family first.

if i win a jackpot,i would RUN from my immediate family first,lol

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I would only give to the family members that I consider close and that I actually like.


that would be what i would do.its amazing how many cousins would all the sudden pop out of the woodwork.......

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Charities would seem the first ones around with their hands out. Second would be my co-workers no doubt. They figure since they spend 8 hours in my presence that somehow they are entitled to a cut.

The irony is I would give to two charities right off . The one is called my left hand the other is called my right. (Just kidding!) I do have some standards to give back to my community hospital and a society that has helped my family during difficult times.


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The people who will badger you the most if you win the lottery will be the same ones that badger you before you won the lottery including those lazy neighbors or family members who was always asking for loans which they could never afford to repay and those telephone scammers who were  always asking for a donations for charities that have names similar to real charities.  They will be the worst because they will feel they have already established a relationship with you that give them a leg up on every one else.  I had one those charity scammers call me last week and said I had given them  a big donations last year and they hope I would be just as generous again this year and I had never heard of them.

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I didn't vote, because if I ever won the lottery in a state where I could become anonymous, no one would be able to harass me, because they wouldn't know anyway. 

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I'd far rather have beggars for money then to have no money to begin with.

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I've thought of this many times.  Whom would I tell? I'd want to share my good fortune, but what problems would that create? There's a well known saying "No good deed goes unpunished"and it's often so true. If you decide to be generous because it's the right thing to do, many people won't think you're giving enough.  So do you keep it quiet or take that chance?  A lot depends on how much you win too. Maybe I would try to hide my good luck from everyone and give generously when a friend or family member was in need. I just can't think of how I'd explain where the money came from!

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No one at all. I have little family, no brothers, no sisters, one parent who I associate with, and do not associate with too many people in general anyway. I am tailor-made for a jackpot win, and perhaps I even planned this for many years ahead of time...I live in a small dead town, and most are oblivious to what is going on around them. You would probably have to walk up to them and say umm hello I am a millionaire....and they would most likely continue walking while mumbling "that is nice." Should be great.

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