Judge taking CA MM lawsuit into.....

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2005 3rd Quarter Press Releases: Article

SALES OF MEGA MILLIONS TO CONTINUE - Judge Takes Case Under Advisement

SACRAMENTO – At a hearing today in Sacramento Superior Court, Judge Connelly decided to take under advisement a lawsuit questioning California’s participation in the MEGA Millions game. Judge Connelly is a very careful jurist and we have every expectation that his analysis of the issues will be very thorough. In the meantime, the California State Lottery wants to assure its players and retailers that MEGA Millions tickets will continue to be available at Lottery retailers, that Californians who win prizes will continue to be paid and that proceeds from MEGA Millions tickets will continue to go to public schools in California.

This came from the CA lottery website.  The waiting game continues it looks like.
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I totally agree with the fact that the winners from previous jackpots should still get paid even if MM ends up being taken out of CA. Hopefully however, Mega Millions ends up staying put.


The MM group will regret not going after North Carolina if it loses CA. MM needs to stay in CA.


Why can't states have BOTH national lotteries (MM & PB) ???


Why can't states have BOTH national lotteries (MM & PB) ???

Because business writes the rules for lottery games, and business doesn't like competition.  Why write a rule that would limit your profits?  Write one that gives you the best advantage, and get some flunky legislature to put their name on it and wallah, you have a law in your favor!  Think Olympics!

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