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Systems Dont Be Fooled Easy

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See a lot of folks ask about systems. There are so many being sold. Just want to pick out on one that says pick just one number for pick 3 every day and win. Exclaiming all you have to do is JUST PICK ONE NUMBER! Well yes it’s easy it goes like this:


Say you think 0 in your next draw is going to come up for sure, you have a strong hunch and 0 is due to come and in singles not Doubles. So you play all the zero’s to hit!



 0-1-2 0-1-3 0-1-4 0-1-5 0-1-6 0-1-7 0-1-8 0-1-9 0-2-3 0-2-4 0-2-5 0-2-6 0-2-7 0-2-8 0-2-9 0-3-4 0-3-5 0-3-6 0-3-7 0-3-8 0-3-9 0-4-5 0-4-6 0-4-7 0-4-8 0-4-9 0-5-6 0-5-7 0-5-8 0-5-9 0-6-7 0-6-8 0-6-9 0-7-8 0-7-9 0-8-9 
 Ok then you play a 50 cent bet boxed would be 18.00 and the zero as you suspected comes up in the draw……..YOU WIN…….40 bucks, but you spent 18 to hit so you only win 22 bucks! Now if you were to play of those numbers for 1 dollar boxed you would win 80 bucks but you would of spent 36 bucks which leaves you with a 44 buck win. Now this works yes IF and only if a zero comes in the draw and if it does not you are out right there and then! They make it sound attractive saying all YOU HAVE TO DO IS PICK ONE RIGHT NUMBER! And if your wrong that draw well you lose 18 or 36 bucks on the spot if that ONE number you picked does a no show in the draw that day! 
 Ok Say you think 7 is going to come up in the draw for that day, so you pick 7 then you would play: 
 7-0-1 7-0-2 7-0-3 7-0-4 7-0-5 7-0-6 7-0-8 7-0-9 7-1-2 7-1-3 7-1-4 7-1-5 7-1-6 7-1-8 7-1-9 7-2-3 7-2-4 7-2-5 7-2-6 7-2-8 7-2-9 7-3-4 7-3-5 7-3-6 7-3-8 7-3-9 7-4-5 7-4-6 7-4-8 7-4-9 7-5-6 7-5-8 7-5-9 7-6-8 7-6-9 7-8-9 
 7 comes up in the draw that day and you win again by only picking one number and it shows in the draw. Again this is leaving out doubles this is only for singles! 
 They actually try to sell this system for up two 29 bucks LOL! Again making it look attractive saying all you need to do is pick ONE RIGHT NUMBER AND YOU WIN, which is true but only if you PICK THE RIGHT ONE NUMBER for the draw that day and play all whole set which guarantees yes a hit! Most pick 3 players already know this anyway! Just thought I would share anyway. 
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