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I would like to know where is a good site to play other states in the USA and pay on line for pick 3 games. I believe I heard of a web site called hmmm something dime??? but I cannot remember. Any help would be great.


Thank you all.


I asked the same question as well, with no replies and one PM that told me I would be beaten with a naily stick while being consumed by tigers for any posts that advertise...

No, not really... but we are supposed to only ask through PM. But I don't know anyone well enough to just be askin, and the ones I send PM's to come unanswered....


soooo... don't ask questions that require advertising!!! (I AM SORRY!!),  someone pm me with the answer..or

if you find out tell me and vise versa 


The first part you have correct but put 5 in front of that  and then the dot com....or google search for sportsbook 900's the second link down.

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There is no reason why this site cannot be mentioned on is the best one that I have found.


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