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Most hits, 10 #s, one day?

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I hit 7 pic 3s today with 10 numbers. Just curious how common or rare this is. I was playing old favorites and old dream numbers which apparently are still good to go. This is a test and will continue 4 more draws.

fun fun fun . . .the numbers played and results are on mystical thread "old dream #s still good", also will show on tomorrows predictions results page! Hurray!

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I have had 4 hits in one day playing midday only. 

You have to be careful when playing pairs though.  I find that if you have a set pair ex(27 pair) you are more capable of actually profitting.



Can someone please PM me all on whats a good

site to play pick3s across state?


Thanks everyone:) 

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That's really great!


However, several members have hit 10 or more numbers in one day.

I have done it several times!

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