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Group of same numbers for many draws.

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I will say, that so far it does appear to be possible to do fair with a group of numbers for a group of states on the pick 3, today it was 3 wins out of 8 draws, online it would had been OK, with states such a thing might not work.

I will only monitor the numbers and hits if anymore for a few more days and then leave the whole thing alone.

But I suggest that people leave such a thing alone, unless they can greatly reduce the ammount of numbers to be played and still win often enough, or at least reduce the number of states in which to play the numbers at and also only play online, because it might only work there if at all.

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When I play Pick 3, which isn't very often, I usually try to stick with a group of the same numbers for about a week. But I also play in one state and I don't play online. With the large jackpots I have a system and I don't play the same numbers over.

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So far today of the 5 morning draws 2 boxed pick 3 hits with the group of numbers out of 5 draws.

And there are still tonight's draws to wait for, so far if played online it would had been way way ahead since friday when the test started, very good profit online even if all numbers on the group and the group of states played.

My numbers rock, so far, there still is tonight and 3 more days also.

All combos boxed. Even if some come out straight sometimes.

Check my earlier post before this thread, the cancelled post, the TABOO post.

I am surprised, I really didn't expect so many hits in some many days, Friday, Sat, Sun and today 1/2 a day so far.

I guess I chose the right numbers after all. I said that they were specially chosen and they were.

No quick picks.

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I think that so far, Friday was the only day that was not so good if the numbers had been played online, all the other days would had been very good or good enough.

5 states 2 draws per day, but on sunday only 4 morning and 4 more night draws or only 4 states.

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Tonight wasn't so good, only 1 boxed hit out of 5 draws.

That makes 3 boxed hits out of 10 draws for today.

5 states 2 draws per day = 10 draws.

30 combos per draw times 10 draws = 300 combos = $ 300 dollars.

3 boxed wins at $ 150 per win = only $ 450 Dollars.

$ 450 minus (-) $ 300 equals (=)  only $ 150 profit for todayONLINE.

But understand that this is all just a test, I have not spend a penny on anything at all and maybe won't.

First, I am not a gambler (YET) and second, 30 combos per draw are way too many to play and buy for 5 states, 300 combos a day are way beyond me.

I can buy them, if I want to, but don't want to !

So far, my combos have produced enough boxed wins to make good enough profit online since last friday when the test started and it has been FREE, I have not charged anything for them at all.

Way pay anything to anybody, when you can win and make a profit ONLINE for FREE ?

So far, as many other people here also, I have never charged anybody anything for all my filters' posts info, my few predictions and all other info that I have given on and off.

I believe in take and give, I have taken some and have tried to give very much more if I can, same as some others here at the Lottery Post.

By best numbers and my filters' posts and advice are my legacy, plus helping make the Lottery Post's filter workouts, the Crunch 2, LS2004 and Profilter-Pick-3.

Also, a few others have made private sofware based in some and or great part on my filters's posts and my emails to them.

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which games do you paly?

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From what I have seen most of the pick 3 states are avoiding my 30 boxed combos as if they had the plague, so I will right now terminate this tread, test is over.

Good luck to all.

I like much better my regular filters' prediction methods.

If I ever play the lottery for real you can be sure that the numbers won't be posted anywhere, as posted by me numbers seem to avoid coming out most of the time, they all of a sudden become "filter combos" in other words, numbers that will not come out and can be filtered out from the combos that you will play, I can always count on my posted numbers not to come out, so they are most of the time very good filter combos, posting them here at the Lottery Post is a good filter all of itself, I have said this many times before.


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which games do you paly?

I play Pick 3 every now and then, but I mainly play Wild Card 2 and Powerball.

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