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Florida Lottery website, what happened?


I was checking some numbers from a lotto ticket my buddy brought me from his recent trip, didn't win anything but i like to play.  Anyhow I don't like there new website, you can't check old numbers.  And i liked seeing winners past a few months ago.  Oh well,    I guess I will have plenty of time to tell them what I think of there website when I win the jackpot and I'm at Lotto HQ!!  Hyper


I didn't like the new Florida Lottery Web site at first either, but they've been restoring some of the missing information and adding some new information, and now I like it a bit better than the old site. I like the way they've revised the payout information for the games, but I would like to see them add the number of QP's sold for every draw.

You can find the info you're looking for on their Downloads page.

For example: FLORIDA LOTTO Winning Numbers, Complete History

Here are a couple of recent LP threads concerning the change:

Florida Lottery Ruins Their Web Site

Florida Lottery's New Website

And of course, we have a wealth of game information and drawing history on the Lottery Post Results page.

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