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Does anyone know what set of four pick-4 numbers has hit the most in all states?Turkey


That information will do you no good if you just trust me on this one.

I've tried that with the pick-3 and to no avail. I'm not being negative, it's just the reality of the beast.

There are patterns and trends, however, there are also exceptions to every rule.

In general, there is no rhyme or reason to chaos, except for the surrounding influences, that can't be seen by the naked eye, making the ultimate decision. They are the key makers. They have intricate variables which are governed by the universe.

To predict with accuracy on that level would require knowing approximately every nook and cranny of chaos......GOD.

We try though, that's the beauty of the mind.

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PA---------0145, I would imagine that this is strong in every state as well.


I would like to know as well.  It makes for good lottery trivia!

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