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When the 'mystical' gets unconventional

Rip Snorter

I'm sitting here chuckling to myself.

Every day on LP there are threads posted, people relating dreams and asking for numbers.

Every day on LP there are astrology/numerology threads.

There's a thread now where someone's trying to skry the numbers.

All fairly low-key, straight-forward mystical.  All staying strictly inside the boundaries of 'conventional' mystical thread thinking and discussion.

However, seeing people get their dander up when someone steps outside those fences always brings me to a stop for a moment.

Can people use psi energy to influence the draws?  Maybe, though I don't happen to believe it.  Not because I don't believe in psi energy, but because I believe the numbers are a phenomenon controlled by some process or energy influence a lot stronger than any psi adept.

But the possibility isn't one I discount entirely just because I don't think that's how the numbers work.  Seems to me it's a legitimate matter for discussion even though it's outside the normal boundaries for discussion on the Mystical Forum.

I don't think crop circles have anything to do with the numbers, but I'm willing to consider the possibility and certainly would read any arguments an LP member put forward if someone did believe it.

I don't think there's sufficient evidence to support a case for anyone being able to RV the numbers, but that doesn't keep me from trying, and occasionally thinking I've managed it to a limited degree.

I'm not aware of any solid evidence of time travelers, aliens, energy beings, ghosts, polterwhatchallits, black holes or chaos butterflies doing anything to the numbers, either.  But I don't discount the possibility.

Seems to me that's why the Mystical Forum is here.  Why it's something with more potential than merely having a string of threads every day with some asking for dream numbers, others posting astrology numbers and moon phases.

Once a person accepts the possibility those dream numbers, astrology numbers, or moon phases might have some validity, where do you draw the line, anyway?  You're already outside the bounds of what modern science is willing to accept.  You've got your toe in the water of something you don't understand, and that is unacceptable as a conventional viewpoint.

I can understand a person rejecting anything metaphysical.  Athiests do it all the time, as do scientists. 

But I can't understand anyone suggesting, 'Ah, yeah.  I accept dream numbers, I think astrology, moon phases are worth thinking about, but that psi stuff's absurd.  Crazy."

Seems to me that sort of thinking is worth a non-response, should anyone get too weird, but the boundary is self-imposed.  It's all a matter of where a person decides to build the fences around his mind.  And looking beyond fences is a legit activity on LP Mystical Forum.





Good post, Jack.

Plenty of things in this world that I don't understand....maybe we should see if there is any correlation with the lottery.  Got to keep an open mind.

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I liked your post. The Universe is boundless and there is so much that we don't understand. You should always be open to anothers beliefs or point of views. Who's to say what is probable and what is not. Truth is relative to whom believes it is true!


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Rip well said ,I who fall in this forum called mystical have only one view .Ones vision is just that ones vision ,what I see you may not what you see I may not but to share that information from where ever it comes from is key,I remember at one point in my life thier were alot of people that did not agree with my points of view it would frustrate me to no end that people would ridicule me for my visions this really happened alot on the old lotterypost and the debates would drive me crazy.well we have come full circle and that is not an issue any more ,but I am always looking for a good fight,when I feel I have to defend those who speak out against ones beliefs-blessings jack and watch 456

Rip Snorter

Trying to keep the mind open to all possibilities is a constant struggle for me, probably for most other people who try to live that way.  The entire human educational experience is dominated by the desire to nail everything down on all the corners.

Vonnegutt called listening for and remaining open to experience and knowledge we didn't plan for allowing ourselves 'dancing lessons from God'.  He enshrined the concept in an imaginary fiction religion called Bokoninism.

For me, Bokoninism made a lot of sense.  I've never called myself a Bokoninist, but in the way I've lived my life I probably have been one.  Allowing myself to be blessed by Dancing lessons from God has led me down a lot of strange, untravelled paths.  I wouldn't swap a one of them for whatever might have resulted if I'd just shrugged it off and kept going where I'd been going when fate jumped in.

The reason I'm submerged in attempting to understand the numbers is the result of one of those Dancing Lessons from God that happened to me a year and a half ago, which I described on the Strange Experience thread here early 2005.

My thought is that one of these days I'll tune into the Mystical Forum and get another Dancing Lesson, maybe.  That's my hope.  It's also my reason for having strong feelings in favor of people knowing they can post anything here, no matter how absurd or outrageous it might seem to some, without fear of ridicule or automatic repudiation.

Mystical Forum is absolutely unique in my experience.  I hope it stays that way.


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