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group of 90 #'s that hit every other day

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Unfortunatly lottery is random and no human or machine can predict the out come 100% secure so the only way to beat the system is playing as much numbers you can afford, I've been checking all states data base and came to the conclusion that there is a group of numbers that come out very often like every other day thay are 90 numbers total , so I think if you play just a few numbers at a time would be better if you pick your numbers from that group to improve your odds, because is better pick 1 number out of 90 then pick 1 out of  1000, right???

so here are the lucky 90 most often drawing numbers:


089,123,124,125,126,127,128,129,134,145,156,167,178,189,234,235,236,237,238,239,    (singles=70)



001,009,011,099,112,122,223,233,334,344,445,455,556,566,667,677,778,788,889,899  (doubles =20)

good luck


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Thanks Lucky


Thank you for putting this together.  It'll sure come in handy when I have absolutely no idea what to play, which is almost always.

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HI Lucky1313,

I have a set of #'s that I play also that hit a lot. Not every other day. The #'s I have hit at least once in one of the many states day or night everyday. I have about 41's roughly and growing. As I see them I keep them as they seem to loose speed I drop them.

Going though your #'s I saw a lot of the same #'s I play also. It's very hard to determine what state they will fall in but, it's very easy to gather multiple #'s to play.

So my advice to all LP members that want to try those 90 #'s. The way I found my 41 #'s that hit at least once a day is to track them for a period of 3 months and see how many of the 90 #'s repeat to narrow this down.

Just a suggestion

Hope this helps



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