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Amusing Ways of Selecting Your Numbers

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LOL! I thought I was the only one who did all of that.


"Selecting Lottery Numbers by...


Buy 49 tennis balls, number them 1 to 49 with a thick felt tip pen, then put them in the tumble dryer. After a few turns, stop the machine and take a ball out. Give it another spin and take out the second ball. And so on until you have the six numbers.

Star quality: The method is a hilarious parody of the actual lottery machine.

Drawbacks: The expense of buying that many tennis balls. This is made even more annoying that they often come in packs of a dozen, four dozen being not quite enough.

Variations: Instead of using tennis balls, lemons can be used. This would normally be absurd, except that in this house we do not have 49 tennis balls but we regularly have vast numbers of lemons available."

LOL! Well I being I am an avid tennis player, I have about 1,000 tennis balls, but no dryer. I could only imagine the looks on the faces of others if I were to try this at a public laundromat. Oogle  Eek    Skeptical  Leaving

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Green laughI've heard of taping numbers on pennies and putting them in a bag and drawing them out!

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Yeah, also my 10 packs of ping-pong balls, round stickers, marker, and rubber maid container work great! What better way to simulate the lottery than the way the lottery is actually drawn...Group Hug  Plus it is a lot more fun that RNGs and working out systems. Only used it though for a few draws so far, and got 3 of 6 on lucky for life as the best so far.

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"Take a lottery entry form and have it enlarged and turned into a transparency. This requires a very expensive photocopier of the sort in some offices and a few photocopy shops. Now, put it onto an overhead projector. This now projects an image of the form onto a screen or a wall. With a long extension cable it can be taken outside at night and can be used to project a huge image onto the wall of a building. Your office wall, house wall, your neighbour's house wall etc. Now, it being the middle of winter, you now start to throw snowballs at the image. These will arrive on target randomly, hitting numbers all over the place. All the family can join in! Six of the impacts will be nearest to actual numbers and these are your selection this week.

Drawbacks: The requirement of using expensive equipment. Also the limitation of the method only being usable at night and in winter and in conditions where snow is available and the right type of snow to use for making snowballs. So sum it up, a very cold method with a very high capital outlay.

Star quality: The sheer nuttiness of the idea. The zany quality of going out in the middle of night in the middle of winter to fling snowballs at a giant image of a
lotteryform projected on a wall.

Variations: A slide projector can be used"

LMAO! Green laughUmmm yea I see that happening.

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Bread in a literal sense, rather than in slang. Stale bread. Stale sliced bread. A waste product if not sold by the sell-by date.

So, having agreed a supply of stale bread with some bemused baker who wonders what it's going to be used for, you then proceed to set up a device in the garden. This is a special kind of breadboard which is strictly for the birds. It consists of a large piece of wood standing almost vertically, a door for example, with 49 nails hammered into it in a numbered 7 x 7 array. Looks vaguely like a board for keys in a hotel foyer.

The slices of bread are now hung out in the garden and you watch from a safe distance.

From the sky your freelance lottery number selectors come, spying a free lunch. They soon take advantage of your hospitality, devouring or making off with the food, leaving some of the positions empty.

When there are only six slices remaining the game ends and you've got the numbers.

Star quality: The use of Nature to select the numbers gives the method an almost spiritual quality.

Drawbacks: The inconvenient reliance on a supply of dubious bakery items. Also, the tricky problem of just happening to be looking out of the window when there are only six slices of stale bread remaining. Another drawback is that Nature may also provide rain, which will make soggy your chances of getting any lottery numbers by this method this week. 


 LOL Wow what media stories these would make if they provided a win.


I usually use some scratch paper to start making my own numbers. Then I toss the numbers just how they do in CA SLP to draw them out. Sometimes I do 6 numbers [out of 49] or I do 5 numbers plus a bonus [5/56+1/46].

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