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70% of all numbers in New York are 0/1

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Really! LOOk at the last 30 days in New York Midday. Unbelievable.....  21 of the last 30 draws have had either a digit Zero...or a digit ONE or Both!

                                               70% Skeptical


Wed, Nov 9, 20050-4-3
Tue, Nov 8, 20050-6-0
Mon, Nov 7, 20056-1-9
Sun, Nov 6, 20051-8-5
Sat, Nov 5, 20054-1-1
Fri, Nov 4, 20055-0-9
Thu, Nov 3, 20056-4-0
Wed, Nov 2, 20050-1-9
Tue, Nov 1, 20055-0-1
Mon, Oct 31, 20050-3-5
Sun, Oct 30, 20052-2-3
Sat, Oct 29, 20053-9-0
Fri, Oct 28, 20059-8-2
Thu, Oct 27, 20050-0-4
Wed, Oct 26, 20057-9-0
Tue, Oct 25, 20050-9-9
Mon, Oct 24, 20059-2-1
Sun, Oct 23, 20054-6-1
Sat, Oct 22, 20057-2-5
Fri, Oct 21, 20050-3-6
Thu, Oct 20, 20053-6-6
Wed, Oct 19, 20055-2-6
Tue, Oct 18, 20057-6-9
Mon, Oct 17, 20056-9-1
Sun, Oct 16, 20057-2-7
Sat, Oct 15, 20050-5-5
Fri, Oct 14, 20056-9-2
Thu, Oct 13, 20057-0-4
Wed, Oct 12, 20052-8-5
Tue, Oct 11, 20059-4-1




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Sandy K

lol....New York midday has been driving me nuts, WinD.....they are maxed on triples.....they keep putting that darn zero in all their numbers..........going broke playing the trips am going on vacation Friday morning so tomorrow is my last day of playing the trips there midday..........

Now can you accomodate me by suggestion the best trips to play?

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 Vacation?  Vacation ?  You just had a vacation !  Your an artist for goodness sake...  shouldn't you be suffering somewhere or something? I thought artist had to suffer or they start cutting off their ears and stuff.  LOL


  As far as those trips all the hip folks are doin' 555's  I swear it !  They will hit. I Swear it on the head of my pet number little  ...531 ..  hah



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Sandy K

lol.....nah, I work hard....geez I am just tempermental....

I assume you are talking the 555's in New York midday only......????

Since I am not one of the "hip" people, I didn't know the skuttlebutt was 5'

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 I'm not hip either but I did over hear that trip 555's thing from 2 very cool lookin dudes at the Greyhound Bus station. Not the old one downtown either... the new elegant one.  So, we have that goin' for us. 


win d,i was buying my pik 3 number one day in staten island,computer came back said i couldn't buy that number,they had reached the cutoff for that day on that number!

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Sandy K

watch that son of a gun come out in the evening draw.....just like those New Yorker to pull that

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