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Quick-arse Clerk,Check your tickets

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Went to a new clerk

to  punch out 8 picks.

No  lottery line, no pressure

He asked me Day or nite

I said DAY .

Went back

to collect Day hit 117 hit,he

gave it for the nite.He apologized.

Only six of the eight were for the Day number

Shame on me for not checking.


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You are right BA-it even happens when you go to your regular place to play with clerks who have been running your #'s all the time. Bottom line "Always check your tickets."

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Sandy K

Actually, that happened to me the other day in Michigan.  But, I learned a lesson a long time ago to check my Tix before I left the store.  Sure enough, see got them mixed up somehow....went back and she fixed them............

moral of story:  always check your tickets before you leave the store.

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Rick G

Never was better advice given.  My regular clerks make mistakes all the time so I check my tickets while I'm standing there.  I used to keep the mistakes because they have won for me before but I have a budget to stick to so now I give them back for the correct pick.

Sometimes I wonder if it's not intentional...many people keep the mistakes and end up spending more money on tickets than they had intended.

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I Agree!I try to go to the same clerk but she makes mistakes sometimes too(try to always double check my tickets)


yeah,same here,i like it though when they give me back too much change,i think the lottery owes it to me!

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That's the reason most of the stores in my neighbor hood  make you fill out the slip before they will run them for you.

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