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Did y'all notice the pretest last night?  nothing but doubles and 1 triple.


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TurkeyHi Molly,thanks for the info,didnot get the chance to view them,i see what you mean.Turkey

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Sure did. Did you notice how many 6's too. Sometimes the number that shows up the most in the night pretest comes as one of the day numbers, I always check it out. I'll play 6 tomorrow in the last position. Did you notice that we have had 7doubles in the last 10 night draws and 10 doubles in the last 17 draws combined? I would have expected at least a 3-series if not a triple to show up and maybe a dry spell for doubles in the near future.  alx

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Molly I predicted and was looking hard for the triples on Sat especially in the eve. They fell in the pretest instead which still count! Sometimes another triple will follow  triple in few days. Just my opinion,but I think we should see some consec numbers to come in very soon.

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Looks for the 9 to come tomorrow

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