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Mercury going retro

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Had my chart done, Lady told me to be weary. Mercury is going retro. How long does this retro thing last? And is that a bad thing as far as finances and gaming? The Lady who reads my charts is often accurate on most of the upcoming events but I am hestitant on this particular matter. Any feedback on this would be helpful as I've been hitting a decent streak on winning lottery/games.

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Hi TheGameGrl

Mercury in Retrograde lasts from 11/13/05 thru 12/3/05. From what I've read don't do anything that's important to you. Such as sign contracts, buy a car , house, or move , start a new job or project. If you do expect delays, little things to go wrong etc.So I would think not to gamble. As far as Gambling and Astrology there are 2 pamplets out that do a good job of explaining winning transits. They are "What are Winning Transits " by Joyce Wehrman, and "Winning with Astrology"by Evelyn M. Nagle.

Good Luck Libra Dave  Big Smile


Mercury in retrograde usually involves things that have to do with communication. Communication during this time will usually go haywire. Don't mail out important documents cause there is a chance that it will get lost in the mail. There is usually alot of computer glitches and words or agreements can easily be misunderstood during this time and cause major headaches.

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Thank you Dave! I look forward to the reading!

Knowledge can sometimes clarify matters. Now I understand why I was cautioned on the Mercury Retro. Makes sense! Btw, I follow your pick 3's and your on the mark alotta the times . You got a knack for that.


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thanks dave and tatsu

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