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Hey, I got 4 of 5 on one ticket, MB on



$150 + $2.

This will allow me to play a little more agressively on this jackpot, but I'll put some away for future rollovers.



Woohoo!  Congrats.  Good luck on Friday.

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Congratulations, Prob988.

I guess you will also feel more comfortable in the next play. And, I hope you win a bigger one this Friday night.


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Nice job, congrats!  How about posting your "trophy" like I did with mine last drawing -

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Sad Cheers


Nice job Proby!


congrats prob988,were the #s qps,like the ones todd had last draw in nj?did you get em at the same deli as the last 300 million winner in nj?


No, my tickets were not quick-picks. 

I generate my numbers through some software I wrote a long time ago.    It is a kind of wheeling program, except that it is designed to wheel through the entire field, not a limited subset of numbers.  I would never dream of wheeling through subsets, since my impression is that it reduces your odds of winning  to do it that way, although if you do win with subset wheeling, you win slightly bigger amounts than you would have otherwise.  The program is not designed to increase my odds of winning, which is impossible by the way, but it is designed to prevent me from reducing my odds of winning, which is very possible. 

I sometimes suspect that quick-picks are not entirely random but rather are programmed to do a kind of subset wheeling, though I could be wrong on that.  It is easy to insert a bias like that into a program without having it noticed.   If this were the case, it would have the effect of increasing the lottery's odds of having a rollover, which of course the lottery wants very much, since rollovers increase sales.

The Deli near here where a big winner was is actually on the Pennsylvania side of the border, at Washington Crossing and it was a Powerball drawing, not a Megamillions drawing.  The prize won there was won by a New Jersey couple and the annuity prize at that time was $213M.  That ticket I believe was a quick pick.  No one at the Deli ever heard again from the winners.  I know because I've asked.  The employees did get a bonus from their company, however.  I know that at least one of the employees of the store wrote the winner asking for a further tip, but it appears that the winner did not respond to that request for money in any way.   This is understandable, since it is probably just one among thousands of such requests for money that you get when you win big.  The employee had a sad story to tell, but I'll bet everyone has a sad story.

I generally don't post my numbers, and in any case, I don't have a flatbed scanner.



prob988,i agree lotteries like us to get qps as they have more control over how many win.also i was referring to the last big mm winner in nj,around rutherford i think,eastern side by ny.good luck.

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I wish all the employees of all the stores I play at would give me some tips for all the money, and time I spent playing there, but won nothing. Perhaps I will write them all letters to see how they respond. Then I will know exactly how to respond should I win BIG.


Prob988, can you show me evidence that you got 4 numbers on one ticket in MM please? If so, then I'll put you on my prediction list just like I did to Todd.

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Congratulations Prob988! =)


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Congrats on your win. Hope it rolls over for you...!


Congrats on your win. Hope it rolls over for you...!


Actually, I'd feel ambivalent about winning 4+0 twice.  I just looked at the odds against my win!  It's like one in 15,313!  Thus if I did it twice in a row, I'd have beaten odds longer than the actual jackpot, 1 in more than 234 million actually, and only have 300 bucks to show for it.

On that score, it's wierd that we had two people do it recently, myself included.

But I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Every few years I get one of these tickets, but I play fairly consistently.





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Now all you need to get are those other two numbers right. How did you pick them were they quick picks or do you have your own method?

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Congrats big time!!  Party

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