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Do you think it matters?


Do you think it matters what day your purchase your tickets for a lotto. For example; would purchasing your tickets on a Friday, the same night of the drawing increase your chances of winning? Of course they don't theoretically but I know I have tried to purchase as close the cut-ff time as possible to see if it affects my wins. It never has for me, anyone else? If you purchase you MM today, a couple of days before the next draw, does it matter? Share your thoughts...


I do that also, just in case the lotto is rigged it gives them less time to change the draw if you pick the right numbers. But I've never won so their quick about changing the numbers, or it really doesn't matter if your going to win your going to win.

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Every ticket has the same chance of winning regardless of when or where you bought it, what numbers you have, etc., etc., etc.
For that matter your numbers could win if you bought a yearly subscription.

Buying your tickets in advance or at the last minute has no bearing on the outcome of the draw. It dosen't increase your chances of winning. All it does is provide you with the same chance as everyone else.

All that really matters is when the balls are drawn did you pick the right numbers or get the correct numbers with your quick picks/picks.



for some reason i win only when i have tic with muti draws i think luck builds up in tic


I never "wait" until the last possible time to get a ticket. The only reason I don't wait, is that, in New Jersey, the links have a habit of dropping during the last day, for an hour or two.  If your timing is off, you would have to come back to get a ticket from that store. 

I generally buy them, either the day after the draw, or use multi-day tickets.  Once in a while, I get an "urge" the day of the drawing and buy a QP packet of five.  The minor bucks I have "won" this year have been about equal.  Lately, a "win" means I haven't lost as much as I thought I would.

Of all the things in life I can waste my time worrying about, the rigged lottery is 100th below the bottom of the list. Right above, worrying about being beaten by cop for cooperating with his directions.


It's not when you play. It's what GAME you play.

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