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Super Lotto U. S. A.

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Quote mylollipopReport Inappropriate ContentTop of pagePosted: October 27, 2005, 2:27 pm - IP Logged

Wouldn't it be nice to add a


and have it available to:

  1. All current states that have lotteries
  2. Then add all the states in the USA that do not have a lottery.


  • To provide national disaster relief funds for the people of the USA.  According to the weather experts, we can expect to have a series of devasting hurricanes (2-3) per season due to some phenomenon.  Nevertheless, we are having them.  Like most lotteries benefit education, this lottery would be a fund ear marked for natural disasters only; Floods, hurricanes, devastating tornadoes, an event like 911 (pray that never happens again!) etc.
  • The SUPER LOTTO USA would be played ONCE per week:

          ___have a minimum jackpot of $25,000,000.00

          ___Rollover of a minimum of $ 10,000,000.00 each week no winner

                  is drawn

          ___With five consecutives rollovers with no jackpot winner(s),

                  double the jackpot for the next drawing.

          ___ tickets cost $1.00

          ___Offer acommunity lotto ticketthat would include an option to play all lotto tickets in your state, plus the SUPER USA LOTTO for a certain price and get a free random ticket from one of the group and be able to choose your own numbers unlike the current Florida Lottery "Grouper"  Grouper is a $5.00 ticket where all the lotto games are played and you get a randon free ticket for one of the lotteries.  Only drawback for me is that I can not choose my own numbers.

          ___Advance Play Options

          ___Annuity or Lump SUm Option

          ___Double the jackpot (option at purchase for $100.00 per play).  [The PowerBall has an option on the second prize level for multiplying the "power play" number drawn]

            ___Include an option to double the prize money at all levels (except jackpot---see above) @ $2.00 per play.

ANDanother feature would be the winning of a dream home in each state, complete with two cars, and the dog.  Maybe this would be SUPER Lotto USA scratch off tickets @ $1.00 per ticket.  Other prizes would be:

  • a car
  • computer
  • various appliances
  • college scholarships 
  • family vacation

Each state participating would have a batch containing one dream home package,  two one week family vacations, ten cars, 20 college scholarships, 200 computers, 50 laptops, 5,000 various appliances, and cash prizes with each state having one top cash prize of $250, 000.00, five $50,000.00, five $1,000.00, twenty $500.00, one hundred $100.00, two hundred $50.00, three hundred $20.00, five thousand $5.00,  ten thousand one free tickets.

Or, to keep it simple, just add a "Prize" column on the play slip!

Now this would be SUPER.  I also hope that a needy disaster victim gets the next big jackpotPatriot

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