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Sandy K

what is the number for snow?

NY, tri-states are getting hit...I heard 4-6 inches already on the ground.....

using the alphabet letters with the numbers underneath.....they are 9453

They are calling it a Noreaster....probably hitting Maryland, DC also.......anything up that coastline.

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triples tend to fall when this is seen

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I have 878 / 225 / 526 / 596 & 9249

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Sandy K

Thank you both.......I thought that was the sign of triples.....

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what happened to indian summer? still waiting on it .thanksgiving before christmas?Pumpkin

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Snow= 222

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Shakey Dee

858    Snow    951    Snow Storm

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Snowball - 223 - 422

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Snow= 222

CaliforniaMidday 3Tue, Oct 25, 20052-2-2
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Sandy K

I thought for sure it would be one of states that is getting snowed on.....darn.....Cali is due a trip at night not the midday........

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