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Pick 3 Help!


I am definitely new to all this......and alot of these systems...grids...."vts" "stacks" is all greek to me......can  anyone suggest an easy to use system or where to find one for pick 3 illinois drawings? Also give me some hot predictions for tonight! thanks

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Welcome teds4life.

Do a search under resources for Ill. 

There are lot of good systems here.  You just have to read through & find what works for you. 


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Use the deflate system here on LP.  It does a great job with the numbers.

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tedsforlife....just about every system works to some degree. Usually very short term. Try a few of them on paper and see what's "working" in Illinois at this time.  Count on one thing; the patterns/game will change at some point and then you have to find another method that is working. That just seems to be the way Pick 3 runs... Remember nothing hits all the time, so try and not be discouraged if you get into a "dry" spell.

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Mail For You

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Picking a winning P3 combo isn't difficult. Knowing where it will fall and on what day is the difficult part!

Amen to that Badger I Agree!

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