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The Win D Philosophy

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You know Win D, I have been thinking a lot about your way of looking at the pick 3.

Had I really looked at the flow of the history of the 710, I would have known to focus more on the evening. 

It's those things that escape me at times. 

I study extreme hours because I HATE losing money.  I absolutely HATE it.  But those little tricks of yours are good tips to know. 

And I just want to let you know that I really appreciate you sharing some of your tips here at the Lottery Post. 

And if there are any more tips that you have to share--Please, feel free to share.  Let your methods flow onto the screen. 

Maybe we all could look to see how & where the 179 might show--because it's on the way (and soon)

Thank You

Kimberlee aka Lottaloot

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Jani Norman

I Agree! he is a good teacher......

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Ok no 1 on miday for 16 days sure over 13 so what do you think for ga mid with a 1?

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