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CA SLP pigskin challenge 10/15


Everyone, this is the CA SLP "pigskin challenge" new thread for 10/15/05. Lets see who predicts the best in this round of the CA SLP challenge. Way back in the day we used to run a Pigskin Challenge, named after LP Member 'pigskin' choosing 10 white balls and 3 mega balls from PB.

Everyone, these are the rules:

A. Players must choose a minimum of 5 WBs from 1 to 47 and 1 MB from 1 to 27 to be eligible to be in the challenge. Players can choose up to 10 WBs and 3 MBs from the pigskin format.

B. If players choose 10 WBs from 1 to 47 and 3 MBs from 1 to 27, then they can choose an additional 5 WBs and 2 MBs as tiebreakers.

C. The format will be a 10/3 format in the CA SLP "pigskin challenge" and a 15/5 tiebreaker format from MM and PB.

D. The CA SLP Jackpot for 10/15/05 is 7 million right now.

The brackets [] are used for up to 5 WBs for a total of 15 WBs and up to 2 MBs for a total of 5 MBs just in case two or more players are tied as the best predictor in the 10 WBs/3 MBs CA SLP pigskin challenge. If only one player is the best predictor in 10 WBs/3 MBs, then the tiebreaker isn't necessary.

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My pick will be 4-7-11-15-24 and MB of 3. I only choose 5 numbers and a MB so I join the challenge since this is my thread and at least 1 opponent has already picked their numbers in the game.

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as we twiddle our thumbs waiting for drawing;i played a 7 pb,and asked for a qp,it was another 7 pb,so i know what pb number will not hit now!


The winning numbers are 8, 30, 39, 42, 46, and MB of 8.

Delores247: 1+0 [42] in 10/3 format

JKING: 0+0 in 10/3 format

Delores247 wins this round.

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