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Stalking & Identity Theft:U.R. at RISK !!


Most State Lotteries (except DE, maybe others) have "Open Records" laws or "FOI" laws COMPELLING winners to participate in the Media Circus that follows a big strike.  Lotteries claim it is necessary to preserve the integrity of the games.  I see it as the best way to further the lottery's PROMOTIONAL AGENDA by FORCING the winner to pose in front of the media with a big cardboard check and the director. 

I doubt the winner realizes the risk to his/her personal safety and that of their family's in this high tech age of identity theft and stalking.  It's fun to celebrate the good fortune of any winner and completely space out the very real possibility that out of the MILLIONS of LOSERS; a psycho is born.  It only takes ONE and the odds STRONGLY FAVOR that possibility.

We all like to ponder the question: "What's the first thing you would do when you win ?"  I can say with certainty that among the many things I will do is to secure a Temporary Restraining Order in the name of the claimant Trust AGAINST the Lottery (don't forget MUSL) BEFORE I march into that HQ to claim the prize (as GRANTOR of the Trust).  The lawyers can fight for the next 20 years to make that order permanent.  A close look at EACH and EVERY State's Open Records and/or FOI laws provide for an EXCEPTION when the SAFETY of the individual could be compromised.  There is a VERY STRONG argument to be made on this issue.

Consider this:

You just beat next to impossible odds compared to the odds of meeting with foul play.  Think of the possible consequences of EXPOSING yourself and your loved ones by posing with your spouse, children and siblings.  NOW, do you suppose your odds of meeting with foul play just got a whole lot BETTER ?

This site needs to add to its resource library of State information a list of links to each State's Open Records/FOI laws and highlight the EXCEPTION that every RESPONSIBLE winner MUST TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION before stumbling and BUMBLING into the public spotlight.  It's up to YOU to protect your RIGHT to PRIVACY.

Good luck, Play SAFE and BE SMART !!!!



There is no law any where in this country that says you have to be a pawn; that you do on your own. They can make you attend all the conferences they want. Nothing would prevent you from presenting a position that lets the world know what you think about being forced to be there. While the press is there, say what you want about what you want. You just won a multi-million jackpot. What can they do to you? Nothing. If you feel the lottery has placed your life in danger, by making you be there, speak up loudly. If you think the law should be changed to protect your family, speak up loudly. Whatever you want to talk about, speak up loudly. Answer each question with what you want to say, not what the question asks. Learn from your elected officials. When a question is asked, and the cameras are rolling, you have the ability to shake some people up. Tear at their self-made security with your position. When the conference is over, move to another area. You would be amazed how many people would not know you.

Of course, if you want to be another sheep, waiting to be sheared, or just want to get along and make every one happy, then bow your head and say, yes mam, whatever you wish, I be a good boy.


I think every State who has a lottery, shouldnt ever expose people who won On national Tv, because theres alot of jealous folks out there thats out to get them, so the best thing they all could do if a resident or someone outside of the state wins, is to KEEP IT ANONYMOUS(if i spelled it right).Ill just let their names only be mentioned in news papers not the picture, because their lives could be at stake

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It should be optional, enough people are limelight hogs to handle the need for press oppertunities.  The same kind of deal is waiting for winners of Publisher's Clearing House and other major contests, they have to be able to prove they gave the prize to someone other then their brother inlaw if you know what I mean it comes with the prize.  Like the guy on Lost, though I don't understand why his friend was ticked, should be glad for his friend, but that's the writers not real life.

Besides, you have all the time before you cash in the ticket to arrange your life for the change, like being packed with your stuff in a pod ready to move . . .  BobP

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