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i work in a convenience store but im still being trained. its not a requirement to know how each of the lottery games work, but i'd like to know how Proline works, b/c i know nothing of it and i dont like to tell the customers that i dont know the answer to their q's.

i was wondering not only how the game works, but what all the tiny little spaces, letters and any symbols mean when filling out a proline slip. like i've noticed a few times there are these boxes and next to them either V+ or V-.

can anyone care to explain how to game works first (like wut a wager is?) and things like that. and then tell me what the things on the slip mean?


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I recommend you read the web site of the jurisdiction of your store. Each of the Canadian lottery companies do a good job of explaining how to play Proline on their respective web site.

Good luck,

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