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Key Three digits very good/sums better

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 The KeyThree digits works very well.

                    It's a large filter I realize ...but it is a really good filter.

          It's like all filters....better to use it with other filters not just by itself.


    A lot of people PM to me and seem to confuse the Key Three with simply being the 3 most out digits.  Yes... they are the most out digits...true.  The difference here....the really big difference is this: 

                To qualify as one of the KEY Three Digitsall 3 have to be out of service for at least  4 or even better .....5 or 6 days.  All T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R at the same time for a certain period of time. Then they turn into "Key 3 digits" ....not just missing or skip digits.


                                           For the couple of folks who enjoy these in their filters and plays each day they are money savers and money makers.... MOST of the time. Usually on the days that I ......don't post about them. You know how that goes. 

 There is a direct correlation between posting about a new system and the lottery setting  new world records that refute the new system on the same day. LOL  


  It really is a very Powerful filter.


     The Key Three filter is getting ready to be even more powerful when some back testing is finished using the Short Sums (last digit) as a second filter the same way.


  We had the longitude maybe we will have the  latitude  using Key Sums!

                    Not just missing Sums ....but Key Sums. Yes sir ree.

  Yes Nod



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I just love reading your posts..

Will not miss a single one of them...


Hi ya Win D


Iguess you use the three most out digits from any position as Ill eve it is 016 which would then convert to

7 as in roots so any number  with root sum 7 would be sum of 16 or 7 .


example 025 or 457

correct me if I am wrong



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Thanks tntea .. always hope they might help someone catch a good win sometime.

 For Bigjer's question I would say that it's a good filter just to use as it is without the roots or anything.  If your putting together a long list of numbers and want to filter it down to a smaller list you could use the KEY Three to do it. It works very well if.... if...  all three digits are missing for at least 4 or 5 days. ...and all together. The shortest out digit of the 3 has got to be out at least that long.

  Your ILL Evening is a good example. Missing the Key Three 1,,,6,,,,and digit ,,,0 

  After you make up your play list for tonight and want to cut it down to just a very few to play then using only the numbers that contain at least one of the Key Three is one of the best odds plays. 

 Your final numbers should really contain at least one of these Key three digits.  1,,6,,and 0. 


 if you thought tonight will not have a repeat digit from Monday's draw you could just Wheel the other 7 digits.... This is what you would get in blue. Then .......using the Key Three you can filter out the numbers that did not contain at least one of the 3.  Another way would be to filter out all the numbers that didn't contain the oldest Key digit .... #6    If you expect a particular sum to hit tonight as well.... then you know what to do.

 123 - 125 - 126 - 128 - 120
135 -
136 - 138 - 130 - 156
158 - 150 - 168 - 160 - 180

235 - 236 - 238 - 230 - 256
258 - 250 - 268 - 260 -
356 - 358 - 350 - 368 - 360
380 - 568 - 560 - 580 - 680

 You could also run the Key Three digits through the Crunch feature here if you had the up-graded membership.

 The following are all the numbers un hit for Ill. Evening for the past 6 months that contain at least one of the Key three digits .... just singles not doubles or trips. If a double hits or a repeat hits your toast.  If not... odds are good it's here.

  017 024 025 038 057 068 069 078

 126 127 128 135 137 145 147 149 157 159 168 189

 236 269 346 369 467 469 567 569 678

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 ILL. Evn.  3 O6

Well ..... we had 2 of the Key Three digits 1 6 0 hit. That's good when we get more than one digit. Increases the odds of a hit.

  15 numbers had the digit 6 .... only one can work.   


   235 - 236 - 238 - 230 - 256
258 - 250 - 268 - 260 -
356 - 358 - 350 - 368 -360  *
380 -
568 - 560 - 580 - 680

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thanks guys

I was hoping for a strategy that I could use along with my filters in Ion's lotwon3 and lotto matrix 3



    i dont have a software to filter numbers,basicallyim a paper pencil person but im curious and assume you do with both md and eve to figure out longest 3 key digits.if this the case do you do each postion 1 2 3 to figure out longest digit.i truely believe in repeaters rather its 1 or 2 of the digits.anyway could you explain best to your knowledge how you goabout it maybe i can do paper work on this at least work around it

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Quote ShawnintennesseReport Inappropriate ContentTop of pagePosted: October 31, 2005, 9:36 am - IP Logged

KY Mid 10/31                                                            

  • 970 
  • 829
  • 975 
  • 948  (out 1,3,6,)
WednesdayNov 2, 20053-1-0  
TuesdayNov 1, 20055-4-43-2-9
MondayOct 31, 20059-9-7


SundayOct 30, 2005no drawing  9-4-8
SaturdayOct 29, 20058-2-99-7-5
FridayOct 28, 20059-7-0

Shawn started Nite 970 ,then

Day 829,Nite 975,Day-no draw

Nite 948.

Stacks are four high

Within two days look for the

digits out

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