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A few days ago, the Florida Fantasy Five had 40 jackpot winners, each taking approx. $6,000.00.

I've seen 25 split the Jackpot, but not 40. I think that record has been broken.

I thought I was seeing things. This is impossible. How can it be? 40 people?

Funny things happen....Life is good....most of the time!


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Because they played skips could have probably been more winners if the numbers had been

 01-03-05-07-09 40

instead of

10/01/05 -----01-03-05-07-11 40 actual winning number

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I would be happy if I was one of those people who won the $6,000, but I would be dissappointed that so many other people won too. Splitting the jackpot amoung 40 other people would kinda suck. lol.

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