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Illinois pick 4 evening 10/01/05

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Illinois pick 4 evening 10/01/05
5012       5963 these 4 #'s are from powertrails + 5087 & 5984
abdg        acfj
Powertrails work up has changed.
        0  9
      1  8  6
    2  4  7  3
 # 8 is the longest out in first position.
Here are some picks for the evening draw.
0468 8964 9236 5407  1974 8423 2876
5817 9412 1287 8513  8437 8159 3705 1730 
5964 9264 7319 8516  4063 2974 2401 2506
Long shot number for today the coldest #'s by all 4 positions 8974
my old stand by 9218
longest#'s out in first position are now#8 then 7 and 2
GoArmy 8 is due out front
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Evening Pick 4
Sat, Oct 1 2005 is 6-8-8-2

no winner mine 2876

Verlon double got me again.

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Four, I think that I am going to lay off of the p-4 for a while. These doubles are killing me. I had the 8519 that you have listed. This is a little unreal for me. May concentrate on a different state for a while and come back in a week or so.

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man gotta do what a nam gotta do.

we are so close to getting this done i gave you all my findings a little tweekin on your part should produce some good results. I thought that 8159 was going to hit to. there are 10000 numbers to choose from thats a far cry from 10 or 20 picks. And doubles make up 1/3 of the pool meaning there are close to 3000 double numbers. It aint my fault that illinois goes on a double party. all the states do and when they do if you aren't playing doubles there then whats the difference.

 i showed several examples of where the hits come from. This isn't going to happen every draw. heck if it was so easy to do everybody would be making a killing. I look every day at illinois pick 4 prediction winners and they are few and far between. I sunk like 3 months worth of work into this. And when you just get involved run off to another state.

Well no sense in me running this thread any more maybe i'll run off to some other state too.   


When I was researching Pick 4 in all states, I was trying to determine how to decide when to play doubles and when not to.  I discovered that the best way to do it was to just repeat what the last draw was. 

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CDudeI found that when a numbers has a 0 in it the next draw sometimes is a double and like you say doubles bring doubles.

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