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Need help with pick 7 Daily Play wheel



I would like some advice regarding a wheel I have created for the UK Daily Play. This draw picks 7 balls from a group of 27. I created a wheel which uses 14 numbers (I used numbers 1 to 14 as the test set) spread over 12 lines in a randomised way. The wheel generates nice profits if 7 or 6 of the balls drawn are in my set of 14. It also produces some winnings when 5 and 4 of the balls drawn are in my set, but these are normally either only £5 or £10, so I am normally either at a loss of £7 or £2 when  5 or 4 numbers get drawn. I tested my wheel against the last 50 draws. However, over the last 50 draws, I get 7 balls zero times, 6 balls around 5 times and 5 and 4 balls around 20 times. I don't know how to use algorithms as I am sure this would make my wheel more standardised in producing consistent results, although I have had consistency with the higher numbers this does not apply when I get only 4 or 5 balls. I've searched the net for pick 7 wheels with multiple guarantees listed (I have found pick 7 wheels with single guarantees) but they don't seem to be very forthcoming. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a site that explains algorithms for pick 7 wheels to a layperson like myself.

Thank you.


Hi, Infinity

Can we see those 12 lines of your 14 nos.

I think I have something to share with you.




I use Gail howards advantage plus for my seven number wheels but understand that LottoArchitect has some great 7 number wheels himself-- hope this helps.

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