Saying Goodbye....


Hello Friends,

After five years of pursuing lottery related endeavors.  The time has come for me to hang up my hat and devote more of my time to other pursuits.  This decision is not the result of any offense taken.  It has been coming for awhile.

I have many other interests besides mathematics and the lottery which have been ignored for too long.  My website will reflect this when it comes back online.  I will leave lottery related stuff in it's place for posterity purposes only.  The number service will of course be dissolved.

The friendships and aquaintances I've made in this community will be remembered fondly.  The lottery was never really a hobby for me.  Just an interest brought about by the mathematics involved.  That interest has waned over the past year.  I do want to apply Bayes Theorem to the lottery someday just to see what happens.  But that will have to wait for another chapter in my life.

I don't really have anything else to say except that I'll miss this place and you all.



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george - best of luck in whatever you do - drop in from time to time.  will miss you.  em


Goodbye, Sedertree. I am new here, hardly know any body. People here seem very friendly, I like it.

How do you feel about mathematics in lottery? and what do you think about lottery? Is that something one can never reach? I wish you can give us newbie some clue or something to start with. I tried to visit your home page but failed to get connected.

Have fun in your new pursue!



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George, the best to you in your endeavors.........may you find peace in your life!!

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Too bad. You always had nice posts sedertree.

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Goodbye George, but what about your lottery program ?

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George -

Enjoyed our conversations and exchanges. But it's never a good thing to say goodbye, so..... So long, friend - best of luck in your endeavors.


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Good bye George, you will be missed.  Don't worry about changing your mind and coming back, not a problem.  BobP


Sedertree, i have enjoyed reading your posts and truly hope you will post again when the time is right ...take care and best of luck in your pursuits and in life in general.


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Good luck and best wishes to you, as always your friend.

Michael J. Smith

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Good luck. We hope you get your interest in the lotteries back one day.

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 Thank you for all your contributions. I enjoyed your posts, they were very informative. Wish you good luck and good health in the future.



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So long ... 


Best of luck in your other endeavors!



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George,  I'm sorry you won't be around.  But I hope you find satisfaction in whatever you are going to pursue. I have enjoyed our contacts. Good luck to you.

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