Illinois P-3

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I am playing 648 tonight for the Illinois P-3 and 6408 for the P-4. I have a paper system that I use but I cant say that I have gotten rich using it. I did however manage to pull the trip 1's and hit with my little cheesy system occassionally. I use the past five draws and try to see what the likely numbers are. Sometimes it works and a lot of times it doesn't. I know that it is crazy not to diversify your numbers but I do get hunches every once in a while and will play them. I am considering putting a considerable amount on these numbers tonight and was wondering if any of you "number guru's" have seen these numbers pop up on your systems. I have hit like this one time before, sorta like LottoMike's one time hit of 5 grand, and I guess that is what I want to have happen again. Any help or mostly reassurances would be appreciated.

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i like 408 also


I like the 480'028'888 and 222'212.

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