To all those who are triple players, and those who just need holiday cash.

***Play those triples today

       and tomorrow***

My trip picks for today are

       222 333 444 999

Does anybody has a trip pick for there state?

        Good Luck

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Catspick for Michigan I like the 111 555 777 888 999

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 FLA. 222 333 444 777




Good luck to all those states that haven't had evening draw yet. I'm banking on triples in Ga. tomorrow. Hope they come midday.

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I am playing 111 for Texas tonight

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333 came in ny did not play that one. better luck next came evening wednsday.

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Good call!  I just played GA and my 318 came in OH.


what  are those triples  waiting on ya chicago.


waiting on 888or555 putting a hole in percy and flowers.


I think Illinois will drop those trips by Saturday. They'll probably be 9's or 4's.

Today I like ***000 **222 111

            **555 777 or 999

Good Luck Happy Thanksgiving

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Texas already got a triple this month. It'll be another 180 days before we see another one.

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111  Illinois night!


damn  am waiting on that 888 but the 111 come.but never the less i still catch it.but still playing my555and888.

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