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Ohio Lottery Rolls Out New Game: Rolling Cash 5

Sep 28, 2004, 8:59 am

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Ohio Lottery

The Ohio Lottery Commission yesterday announced a new game for Ohio Lottery players that provides a little lotto twist.  Rolling Cash 5, a new 5-of-39 game set to replace Buckeye 5, goes on sale Sunday, Oct. 3.

Rolling Cash 5s first drawing will be held Monday, Oct. 4.  Buckeye 5s final drawing takes place Saturday, Oct. 2.

Top prize odds for Rolling Cash 5 are 1 in 575,757; overall odds are 1 in 9.

Rolling Cash 5 offers a rolling jackpot prize that starts at $100,000.  If the jackpot is not hit, initially, the jackpot will increase by $10,000 or more, based on sales.  As a jackpot prize, the top prize will be split, unlike Buckeye 5, which provided a $100,000 top prize for up to 10 winning tickets, before being capped at $1 million.

In addition to the rolling jackpot feature, Rolling Cash 5 raises the payout for matching 4-of-5 numbers to $300.  The new game manages payout costs by adding two additional numbers to the game matrix.

The Ohio Lottery projects Rolling Cash 5 sales of $67.6 million during its first full year of sales.

The Ohio Lottery joins a list of other state lotteries that have recently updated their five-digit game.  Lotteries in both Illinois and New Jersey are among state lotteries that have implemented the rolling jackpot prize, with favorable results.

Buckeye 5 sales have undergone a slow, steady decline since its debut in May 1992.  The game had sales of $66.6 million in FY04, down approximately 3.3 percent from sales of $68.9 million in FY03.  Buckeye 5 sales were projected to decline another 3.0 percent to $64.6 million in FY05.

Rolling Cash 5 game basics

  • Players choose five numbers out of a pool of 39 numbers (5/39)

  • Each wager costs $1

  • Players can choose their own numbers or use Auto Pick to have the computer randomly select their numbers

  • Bet cards will be available as a player convenience

  • Players can place wagers for up to 10 consecutive drawings

  • Drawings are held each evening, Monday through Saturday

Retailer bonus

Each retailer selling a winning 5-of-5 Rolling Cash 5 ticket receives a $500 agent sales bonus.

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