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Circle K to Provide Self-Serve Lottery Via In-Store Kiosks in Calif.

Oct 21, 2003, 3:53 am

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Circle K convenience stores has launched a self-serve lottery feature on selected ZapLink Web-based kiosks in its California stores.  This innovative offering was created for Circle K in conjunction with , GTECH Holdings Corp., and the California Lottery.

Circle K is the first retailer in the country to offer customers the convenience of purchasing lottery tickets on a kiosk using a simple Internet Protocol solution.  Placing the lottery function on ZapLink improves the gaming experience and eliminates the need for lottery customers to go through a cashier to purchase tickets.  Customers may still purchase lottery tickets from a cashier if they choose to do so.  Circle K convenience store customers can now play their favorite lottery games at nine ZapLink e-services kiosks at select stores in Modesto and Sacramento, Calif.

"Playing lottery games on the ZapLink kiosk provides players with a fun, exciting playing alternative," said Scott Templeton, innovations group manager for Circle K.  "The addition of the lottery sales capability creates a significant convenience for our many customers who are lottery players, while at the same time satisfying our desire to keep lines at the counter shorter, especially when sales increase during large jackpots."

"We are pleased to team up with such an outstanding group of partners in what we believe is a natural fit and product offering for our convenience store network and their customers," said Hamed Shahbazi, chairman & CEO of Info Touch Technologies.

"We believe the creation of the self-serve lottery application will expand both lottery and retail opportunities to customers in a way that captures and harnesses the power of emerging technologies," said James Breindel, retail product manager of GTECH.

"In California, this has become an innovative alternative to standard lottery retailing and an example of the California Lottery's commitment to maximizing revenue for public education," said Tony Molica, California Lottery's chief executive officer.

In addition to the opportunity to play the lottery on a self-serve basis, customers will be able to use the ZapLink kiosks to pay utility bills, and purchase pre-paid telecommunications services, such as long distance and cellular.  The kiosks also allow customers to access news and information over the Internet, including a locator service for maps and driving directions; e-mail; online shopping; Internet surfing; access to entertainment and games; and the capability to download electronic media, such as music and software, to portable customer devices.

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