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North Carolina Authorities Looking for Florida Lotto Winner

Oct 10, 2003, 5:32 am

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Everyone dreams of winning the lottery and it became a reality for a First Coast man.  The only problem is that winning means his past is catching up with him.

He's the man who won $11 million from the Florida Lotto after buying the winning ticket from a San Marco grocery store. Now, the North Carolina Division of Social Services is looking for lotto winner, Jessie Riggs.

Child Support Enforcement Agent, Wanda Scott says her agency has been looking to find Riggs for 15 years.

"He may owe in the neighborhood of $10,000 in back child support."

Scott says the Child Support Enforcement has never been able to track Riggs down without a reported income.

Riggs and his former wife, Rachael Ange divorced in 1998 while they were living in North Carolina. Ange still lives there with their child, 15 year old Tracy.

"He never tried to pay anything," says Ange. Their daughter was 7 months old when Riggs left town. Ange says she never heard from him again.

A recent phone call from Ange's father, who lives in Jacksonville, took her by surprise.

"He saw him (Riggs) on the news and he won millions."

She says the news was a blessing. "This is unbelievable. Maybe this is the best thing that ever happened."

Ange says she not looking to collect anything more that what is owed to her in back child support.

"I think it would be fair if he just pay his 15 years and plus the next three years when she turns 18."

First Coast News tried contacting Jessie Riggs. He did not want to comment.

Jesse Riggs Jr.

North Carolina Child Support Enforcement

Rachael Ange

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