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Mega Millions Mania

Sep 24, 2003, 4:10 am

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Mega Millions

Tuesday afternoon, for people coming through the doors of Durston's, on West Genesee Street in Syracuse, buying a ticket for a $102 million lottery drawing was hard to resist.

Another week went by without a winner for the Mega Millions lottery.  People were using their lunch break as an opportunity to get in on the game.

Tom McBride was one of them.  He says he doesn't usually buy a ticket every week.

"From time to time.  Not too often but when the money's up there high enough, you've got to take a shot," said McBride.

Tim Clancy was also taking a shot at $102 million.  He had a few ideas of what to do with his money if he won.

"Maybe a little home improvements and set some aside so I don't blow it on investments or something," said Clancy.

But what are the chances that someone will actually win the grand prize in the game?  The odds are more than 138 million to 1.

Steven Diaz, a professor at Syracuse University, tried to to put it all in perspective.  He says if a modest home costs about $100,000, then...

"$138 million divided by 100,000...I hope I have the decimal in the right place.  Yeah, 1,380 houses," said Diaz.

That's how many homes you would have to buy before you could be a winner.  Or you would have to circle the earth about 6,000 times before winning the game.

The jackpot for the Friday Mega Millions drawing is now $126 million.

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