Florida man plans to buy toothbrush with $1 million lottery prize


Congratulations young man.  Hoping he puts that windfall to good use.

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That's probably a good investment for him. People who live up here in the hills and hollers below me mostly ain't got no teeth. When they get some money they spend it mostly on essentials like moonshine, cigarettes and tattoos. That don't leave much for extrys like toothbrushes and what have ya.

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I hopes I hits the lotto real soon. I gots my eye on an oral-B. Sho iz better an using the ol finger

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In response to Tony Numbers

First dadblamed thing I'd buy if I was you is a one way ticket otta New York.

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In response to rdgrnr

He does not deserve an electric toothbrush all his own. Too much for one person.

 It needs to be shared with 7 other people. Lol

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Aw. nice to read.


Even though he is not a millionaire,  NOT after so much is going toward taxes, 1/2 of million or so, is 

still ENOUGH to:Cheers

-Live gooooood the REST of your life, as a young man under 30,


to MIDDLE-AGE late 30s' 40's fifties,


to a senior healthy,happy 65+ so i HOPE he wisely invest.


But, i am not reading this right here, but i really hope they both invest $$$ be smart with such a nice jackpot $$$Yes Nod


Congrats. G-luck to you all playing your lottery games.



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In response to rdgrnr

Couple years ago we went to Florida to visit my Husbands sister and her husband, we were invited to a party, a BYOM

"Bring your own meat" Is that a Florida thing?

Anyways, congrats to the young man, enjoy your electric toothbrush.Hyper

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Yes Artist, there should be a limit to this incredible extravagance!

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In response to sully16

No, a BYOM bbq is not a "Florida thing."

It's a "cheapskate thing" put on by miserly old skinflint penny-pinching tightwads.

I once worked with a guy who was a known cheapskate and he did that once and nobody showed up.

And that was very satisfying for everybody to hear. 

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In response to rdgrnr

In 2022 tattoos will be forbidden in Belgium because of the ink. My own peaceful idea was to throw grenades into those tattoo shops that grew like mushrooms. Can't anyone appreciate a nice skin anymore? There is an upper neighbor with two permanent stamps on his ugly face. ... Yeah, that club prefers beer over toothbrushes. ... They can become pretty noisy during the night too and with tenacity. ...

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In response to Speler

Yes, I appreciate a nice skin.

Some parts of it I appreciate like crazy.

I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate it.

Like a wild man gone insane sometimes.

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LOL You guys are tooo funny...

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In response to rdgrnr

LOL... Yeah,.. We guys know EXACTLY whut cha mean..!! Naughty

In response to rdgrnr

You idiot can't you read he was from Florida.  Quit stereotyping individuals.  I live in TN and have all my teeth, dont drink moonshine and I have a education on top of that I'm a woman!  You must be totally shocked you idiot!  And me calling you an idiot was observable fact not sterotyping.

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In response to Paula1966

Uh-oh, sounds like somebody down in that low-rent, tarpaper shack district down in Unicoi fergot to take their dadgum Midol today. Don't you know no better than that you dadblamed idjit? Didn't yer husband teach you no better? It don't seem like you got sense enuff to pour piss out of a boot, woman!

Anybody who had a pot to piss in sure as hell wouldn't be living in a dump like Unicoi no how. And I ain't never seen nobody with a dadgum tooth in his mishaped head around them parts neither. And there's dang near as much moon coming otta Unicoi County as there is down in <snip>e County and you probly drink most of it from the way you run yer yapper.

Now git yer extra large butt in the kitchen and make me a pie!     

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In response to Paula1966

I'm a victim of stereotypes myself being from Louisiana.

Sometimes it's not the big things, it's the little things that make life more special.

There are some things I'd like to buy for myself and I can afford them, but I don't because it's not practical. There are some things that are just more important or just not necessary. I might get some of these things if I did win, but otherwise, I probably wouldn't.

Anyway, I'm very happy for this individual and i wish him well for the future.

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