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UK man crashes prize car a day after winning it in a lottery

May 4, 2021, 5:03 pm

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After the Big Win

The brand new car was totaled in 24 hours

By Kate Northrop

Call it a stroke of bad luck or plain recklessness, a South Wales man totaled his brand-new car just one day after winning it in a lottery.

Adam Griffiths was the lucky winner of a bright Palma Red 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ-320 in a drawing conducted by Dream Car Giveaways on Apr. 26, 2021, but his luck didn't last very long. After crashing it and damaging it beyond repair, the prize he possessed briefly is no more.

"Andy Griffiths was straight over today to collect this stunning Evo IX he won in last night's draw," Dream Car Giveaways announced on social media. "A lovely example this way, which I'm sure he will get many happy miles from!"

Unfortunately, the car didn't get many "happy miles" before being totaled.

The crash happened in Pontypridd in South Wales with the driver and passenger sustaining minor injuries. The driver allegedly lost control of the car, which resulted in the crash.

Photos show the front of the car completely destroyed, the bumper demolished and the hood upturned. The engine and suspension components were reportedly severely damaged.

Griffiths received plenty of scathing backlash on social media after writing about the accident and posting pictures of the aftermath on Facebook. He quickly removed the post when it garnered more negative attention than he anticipated.

At the time he received his prize, the sports sedan had 70,000 miles on its record and full-service history, featuring 6 speed manual transmission and a black leather-Alcantara interior. The soaring price of the car in Japan reflects how popular it is in the country, where it is considered one of the best-performing vehicles.

Dream Car Giveaways described the car having been "presented in truly stunning condition, benefiting from a few very mild modifications whilst still running standard power meaning for excellent drivability."

While Griffith's post is no longer public, users migrated over to Dream Car Giveaways' social media platforms to voice their thoughts, some wishing the unlucky winner well and others ridiculing his carelessness. Some users even compared him to infamous lottery winner Michael Carroll, who blew part of his £9.7million (US$14.5 million) prize holding demolition derbies at his home.

"To the bloke that won the Evo IX... if you're reading this mate I really hope you're ok and have a speedy recovery!" one commenter wrote. "Hope you're ok. We all have a heavy foot at times don't we! However it happened, at least you're still alive."

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