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Idaho lottery players get a new game and more drawings starting this week

Apr 20, 2021, 5:39 pm

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Idaho Lottery

State becomes fifth to offer multi-state 2by2; Weekly Grand goes daily

By Kate Northrop

This week the Idaho Lottery began offering the multi-state 2by2 game for the first time and expanded its in-state Weekly Grand game to daily drawings.

Both of the changes went into effect Sunday, although for the 2by2 game tonight's drawing is the first for Idaho players in which they have a shot at winning the multi-state game's double-sized jackpot of $44,000.

Idaho's entry into 2by2 comes just a month after the Wyoming Lottery added the game in March. Other participating states include Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota.

"2by2 is a new game to Idaho that is played in several States across America's heartland," Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson said. "This new game will have a true, Idaho feel to it. We're looking forward to it being successful, not only for our players, but also for our beneficiaries — Idaho's public schools and buildings."

At $1 a play, players select two red ball numbers and two white ball numbers, each from a pool of 1 to 26. Matching a single number will win a free ticket, and matching all four numbers will win the $22,000 jackpot. There are eight different ways to win.

For exact prize amounts and odds for winning combinations, you can visit Lottery Post's 2by2 Prizes and Odds page.

2by2 is also unique in that it offers players the chance to double their winnings up to $44,000 on Tuesdays. By purchasing a 7-day multi-draw ticket, every prize a player wins on a Tuesday is doubled.

In addition to adding the new multi-state game to their lineup, the Idaho Lottery upgraded its in-state Weekly Grand game from twice-weekly to a daily draw game.

"This $2 draw game allows players to win $1,000 a week, every week for 52 weeks with withholding taxes paid by the Lottery," the Lottery said in a press release. "Any non-winning tickets in Weekly Grand may be entered for a monthly second-chance draw to win $100 a week for 52 weeks with withholding taxes paid."

The Lottery launched the Weekly Grand game in 2011. So far, there have been 41 jackpot winners and 117 second-chance winners.

2by2 drawings take place every night at 8:15 pm Mountain Time. Weekly Grand drawings take place every night at 8:00 pm Mountain Time.

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