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Hoosier Lottery holds secondary Daily 3 drawing following technical issue

Feb 3, 2021, 7:07 pm

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Indiana Lottery

Lottery tells players to hold onto their tickets

UPDATE: Secondary draw results added

By Kate Northrop

After a technical difficulty occurred during the evening Daily 3 drawing on Saturday, Jan. 30, the Hoosier Lottery held a secondary drawing.

In the meantime, the Lottery urged players to hold onto their tickets in the event that their numbers yield a prize with the new numbers drawn.

The winning numbers from the initial drawing are 9-0-2 with Superball 1, but players whose tickets originally won a prize won't have to worry about losing it. In a statement, the Lottery said that it will honor both sets of numbers for prize payment.

It is not clear what the specific technical issue was, but the secondary drawing did occur on Sunday night, the Hoosier Lottery told Lottery Post.

The Lottery has not yet posted the second set of numbers since the added factor of an originally unanticipated drawing means that they must make internal adjustments in their system that allow it to validate additional winning tickets.

UPDATE: Indiana's lottery has published the secondary results, and they are 5-7-6 with Superball 1.

Players who have already discarded their tickets for the Saturday drawing still may have an option to claim a prize if their discarded ticket would have won a prize in the secondary drawing. Those who fall into this category may download and submit a claim form/affidavit for review by the Lottery. The claim must be received by the Lottery by July 29, 2021.

According to the Lottery, the claim form will be posted alongside the second set of winning numbers "in the coming days."

Tickets that were purchased for Saturday's drawing are eligible to win either drawing held. Players who already redeemed a winning ticket for Saturday's published winning numbers and would have also won a prize in the secondary drawing can use the claim form to submit their prize request to the lottery.

The Daily 3 game is conducted via traditional mechanical ball drawing machines, and live drawings can be viewed on the Lottery's YouTube channel. The live video for the Daily 3 evening drawing on Jan. 30 is currently unavailable.

Players may claim prizes under $600 (any Daily 3 prize amount) at a licensed lottery retailer. The Lottery suggests first contacting a retailer to check their redemption capabilities and policies since most retailers will redeem tickets up to $25, while some will redeem up to $599.

Drawings for Daily 3 take place twice a day, once at 1:20 pm EST, and the second at 11:00 pm EST.

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