Maryland grandfather claims third major lottery prize


Congratulations to this thrice winning anonymous winner.   Feel good story of the week award goes to this Grandpa!

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I Agree! with you Bleudog101!  I want to rub his shoulder for good luck. LOL

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You're lucky Mr. Grandpa, and however many generations to follow you, and the Mrs.

      Continued Prosperity,




l swear, there are more elderly persons winning jackpots and racking in the money than folk under 30. From the divine Ms Gloria to the Robinsons, you know those folk who have a home so big, they can house a third of the population of Nigeria.

I guess the saying is true: One would rather win as a 60 something,  than continue to lose as a 20 something.

Oh, to be old..

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Gives credence to the old saying 'Third time is a charm!'

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As a 60 something, my advise is to don't rush it. You'll get there soon enough.

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The Same could also be said of accidents & disasters- they happen in 3’s. But l hear you Jeff.

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l will remind myself of that Rcb, when l get there. A case could also be made that more seniors play the lottery than youngsters. They more into drugs & booze. Winning at any age is a great motto, however imagine winning “ Waking Ned Divine” and not living to see your fortune? That’s one thing, people prying your winning ticket from your fingers....inconceivable.

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