$1.537 billion Mega Millions jackpot won by 1 ticket sold in South Carolina

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Congrats to the winner in SC.  I do not think they have to give their name do they?

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I hope a group of people won. If not I hope this individual is smart and prepared. There is an extra sting knowing the winning ticket was sold in my state and I'm not the winner. Yes, plumsage you can remain anonymous which is great.

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Great run !!! Thank you Todd & staff for all the articles written. To our fellow LP members contributing to the conversations, thank you for the education and entertainment...... Powerball tonight, BRING IT !! Thumbs Up

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In response to CDanaT

We got tonight. Party

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! That was priceless!!! 


I am surprised more states don’t allow anonymity for winners.  If I ran the state, I would want the person with a huge amount of money to stay in my state, so that the state would continue to benefit when the investments start to earn money and generate even more revenue over many years, even if the winner chose the lump sum option.  Without anonymity, the incentive is to move away to get away from people who know who and where you are.  If you have family that does not want to move with you, it makes for a tough decision.  Anonymity would make it easier to stay.

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Guilty as charged! Green laugh

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Green laugh Funny CD

Congrats to the winner/s

Spend it wisely

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Yes Nod

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OK Todd... You and your staff did a great job covering the MM run-up.

Now get some sleep Bedyou'll need it for when PB hits $1 Bil again soon!

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In response to hearsetrax


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Golfer... where did you get hearsetrax photo from ???

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Big Grin

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Congratulations to the Mega Millions winner in South Carolina! I hope it was a Lottery Post member.  Party


After all that, only second place jackpot and second place cash, WOW.

Mega Millions: $1.537 billion annuity, $877.8 million cash

Well, now we wait for Powerball.

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In response to Todd

I smelled a billion dollar jackpot and now my taste buds won't settle for the measly 620 Million. I'll put my $2 winnings from last night into the jackpot, but anything more will be saved up until PB hits 1.6B

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So a lot of tickets were printed showing the jackpot as 1.6 billion and the actual amount was 1.537 billion........lesson learned.

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In response to Coin Toss

My dad is right again here in NC, warning me, "Cassie, if you're going to play rigged PB and rigged Mega, buy only 1 or maximum 2.

NWI(not worth it)Cassie. I always used to think welp, you have to be in it to try and win it dad, but he said, "If not rigged, why in the world is

there always 99.9% each time fo zillion years always when it's real high" 1 single winner, feasibly 2."He think it should be MORE winner's in a 

multi-state at that when over 50 million or over 100 million.So i guess he is never going to be playing again because it is rigged."(his words)


but i will try when it is high but not all the time. I think he is right, so i will stick with winning many thousands at a time with better odds

of Pick 4. LOL


Good luck to you all though with your games.See Ya!Happy for a Carolinian winning.So nice."CheersCongrats.

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A total joke 1 winner  !!!

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It wasn't me. I played in OH and PA. Congrats to the winner. At least, SC will get the tax rev.


Estimated jackpot... Powerball still #1 spot.

Thank you Todd et all for all the hard work put into these stories.

Here we're hoping it's a group of factory workers or the like that could use a break and maybe quit those jobs.

As for me, no more Megaplier or Powerplay, just not worth it anymore.  Same with the Season tickets, when they expire mid January 2019 that's it!

Personally enjoyed each and every post.  Now let's get Powerball on a run.


Oh well, at least we still have Powerball lol

Good luck everyone

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I need a Zanex after all that.  Green laughI had one number on 3 tickets, total winnings ZERO. 


Come on Powerball, daddy needs a new pair of shoes!!

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Glad only one winner got the jackpot.  This is what I wanted for myself so glad someone else will get to experience all of the dough.

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I Agree!  Now that the wind is out of the sails $620 million nothing to not get excited about.


Todd et all still have their NJ 6 worth an ESTIMATED $23 million...good luck to them.


Now all you people who scream for anonymity will never know who the winner(s) are since SC allows the winner to remain anonymous.

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