Another NC woman wins lottery twice in same day

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Congratulations to both the North Carolina Education Lottery and the winners. Great publicity! 

 Michelle Shuffler chose the option of the Annuity and that works for her and her family. Kimberly Morris decided that the Lump Sum was best for herself. 

 Both have now won more than I have. Well done!Shocked

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Congrats to Michelle for being the 2nd big winner in NC recently!

I am going to the the 3rd big winner in NC...already made up my mind!White Bounce


Grantie falls nc,,,90 percent white, these areas are loaded with big prizes,nothing new ...

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Congrats to her and her family. I couldn't see myself taking the annuity.

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It's time to move to NC LOL!

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I smell some cheating going on. This shouldn't be happening and someone or some system is messing up with the distribution of the tickets. I hope NC does an internal investigation into this and investigates the two players who won twice within a short period of time.

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By golly, you must be right.  The two women each bought 2 tickets in different games in different cities and won.  That's highly suspicious!!  Must be a plot!!

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In response to kennyb1975



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If that's what you believe then go there and buy a ticket, instead of making it about race.



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I'm the same, 

SMS 1989.

I know some do that. I just don't get why. I would rather handle my OWN monies if i win this huge ya know.


I personally can't trust gov with my big cash$$$ like this...(If i won that is) 


I want it all in ONE gigantic huge windfall/after Uncle  Sam get his taxes."No annuities for me. I got a cousin who says same.He

is 28 so about almost a decade under me) and says, he too would not do the whole annuity. Just one lump sum after taxes. I am happy

though another person/persons won like this.  Congrats to the latest winner.

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When I look at the picture of this woman and her smile, the first thing that came to my mind was, "I hope we get away with this!"

She does not look like her smile is of genuine euphoria. Just must observant opinion.

Congratulations to her and I expect to hear more about this in the coming months or years.


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In response to kennyb1975

If I ever hit a jackpot I'd like to move south to a warmer climate.  Sounds like a nice place.  Thanks for the demographic info, hopefully I'll check it out some day.

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

If you do that, you won't be able to wear your "CHEESEHEAD" hat! 


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