Record $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot won by 3 tickets

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Congragulations to The Winners!

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Looks like the largest Powerball winner is still the one-quick-pick person from Florida in 2013:

Powerball: $590.5 million, 1 Winner - May 18, 2013 - Florida


So Ridge won in TN - now we REALLY won't hear from him again - Disapprove


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Do not Forget 81 players matched the First 5 Numbers ,they only missed Number 10.

As a lottery player,I understand how it can be very Frustrating for anyone amongest the 81 players,who might have selected Number 9 or Number 11 as the Powerball number.

Especially now that the jackpot was $ 1.5 Billion.

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I hope that Ridge did win either now or earlier.  That would be an amazing thing for him.


Congratulations to all the winners in this drawing - and quite frankly I am very happy I do not live in California holding a 4+1 winner - 12+K$?  1 ball off and it goes from a 1/3 share of 1/5+B to 12+K?  ouch

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Highest top cash value too of ~$371 million. The infamous drawing in which MUSL advertised $600 million annuity, but paid out less. I suspect MUSL was extra careful in their projections lately, because, while the FL incident isn't well known, some have noticed, and the media would have pounced on the issue.

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out of 81 ,12 players played in california! to me it appears california is home to lottery players who have master's degree from "the university of hard knocks",one of the jackpot winner's is also from california.

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OK that is not such a big deal now. SleepLOL I said in a post that I doubt there would be more than 3 winners so at least I got that prediction right. How would I react? I would just be like "cool" and go back to doing what I was doing Lol! I would be kinda glad the attention would be split 3 ways and not just be on me. I am just glad I did not spend much on this and no longer have to keep spending $2.00. I plan on winning cash for life anyway soon and almost did now twice. ($1,000 a DAY for LIFE $365,000 annually) After taxes about $273,000 a year which is plenty for me. Or the Mega Millions as well. Many will play now as it is more of a relief and less burden and you won't be so famous if you win $40 million. But it makes more sense cost wise to play MM's for better odds and only paying half as much. I would love to win the $40 million though next draw so I would be completely anonymous while they are still looking for the $1.6 billion winner. LOL But the cost is not worth it as much as the MB now. So they would be smart not to change it.

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 3 winning tickets? but the pot goes to Ca.  did the same person play 3 copies of the same numbers? or are we waiting for 2 more winners?

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In response to sirbrad

You won $ 365,000 that is quite a huge amount of money,I am just wondering why you did not upgrade to a platinum membership here at LP.I am sure Todd would have appreciated it.

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I really wanted to win something. Doggonit. 
I mean DOGGONIT I wanted to win something.

I've not checked for prize 2. Too many worthless tickets.

But, I'll check them, come Sunday, when I get tickets for the week.

BLAST! (or BLOST, as the Brittish would say)


Man am I upset.  Somebody talk to me.


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In response to Abdi

I did not say I won I said I plan to and almost did twice. LOL I was a Platinum member way back for awhile but someone bought it for me as a gift because they liked my posts. But if I had that much money being Platinum would not do me much good as I don't use this site much except for occasional posting and when jackpots get big. I would be on even less then. I have also contributed here for about 11 years now. If I won big I might upgrade then especially if something appeared to help me win but I would not feel obligated to just because I won. I spent the money not anyone else.

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I just woke up and read the headlines. I saw that tn had a winner. I ran to the kitchen to check my tickets. I got 2 plus powerball. I guess I have to go back to work. Lol


Lucky them!!!! I wish I was one of the winners!

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NJ had two winners in the January 13 Power Ball Game.

One $1M in Middlesex Co. and one $2M in Burlington Co., Westampton NJ

The $2M ticket was sold at a WAWA on Springside Rd Westampton, N.J. with the power play option.

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Congrats to all the lucky winners, enjoy!

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On a "what were they thinking note"  a 270 member group from Florida bought about $140,000 (each member chipping in about $500)  worth of tickets and saw a return of hardly nothing.

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In response to Groppo

3% is just withholding, rate is 10.8 % the highest in the country.

Nobody beats Jersey when it comes to  robbing their citizens !

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In response to RL-RANDOMLOGIC

That is the not the problem or how much was spent, but all the hype and buzz if wanting to win the first billion dollar jackpot. I got used to not winning the regular jackpots long ago but this one was a lot more exciting. I am talking about when the jackpot gets enormous like this one, or several hundred million and everyone on here is posting and exciting about winning it then it ends as is usually does with no one on here winning it. I was disappointed bt not depressed as I said I got used to it long ago. I still win smaller games. But the big jackpot is what I truly need. I was more depressed recently when I missed the Cash 5 by one number and matched 4 out of 5. Would have had $1.6 million but instead got $220. I won something though but certainly not the same feeling. Just like matching all 5 for $1,000,000 would be great bit no way would it be the same as hitting them all for over a billion. Those winners will always be thinking of that as that is a DRASTIC difference between one ball. The rest of their lives they will always think about "if only I matched the powerball. That is worse yet as they beat high odds only to miss the powerball.

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Lotteries withhold 25% federal tax immediately along with state tax (and even city tax in some instances), if any. However, that's simply withholding much like how employers withhold taxes from one's paycheck. The actual tax due isn't determined until the winner files their taxes. If the winner simply declares the winnings as straight income, the total tax due is relatively simple to figure out. The highest earned federal income tax rate is 39.6%, so the winner will owe the IRS up to an additional ~14.6% at tax filing time.

To reiterate, the 25% federal tax withheld immediately by the lottery is most often not sufficient, since the highest earned income tax bracket is 39.6%. The winner will owe additional tax, and hence, that confusion that can result from relying on the USA Mega page... Yes, the details are explained at the bottom, but it's a convoluted way of showing it. A better approach would the USA Mega page showing the max tax rate the winner could end up paying, since that's likely to more match reality.

In a nutshell, most winners will pay between 35% to 50% in tax depending on whether their home state levies tax on lottery winnings and how they accept / utilize the money. There is no simple, exact answer on what a winner will pay in tax, since it depends on their individual circumstances, but there is a relatively firm answer on the maximum amount a winner could pay.

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Also you got people trying to get their money back with gofundme LOL. I would never spend that much anyone who does that should not be gambling.

With jackpot games it is expected that you will lose most of the time regardless how many tickets that you get, and how much you spend. So the smart way is only to get a few or what you can afford. I only played about $10.00 total for this one spread out on 4 draws.

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In response to Tami333

Wow if that is true not only did she beat the odds but she had to beat the odds of getting the ticket out of those 18,000 tickets. Not only that but she got it for FREE. Now that is some LUCK! LOL Not sure I believe that one.

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In response to emerald64

Of course.

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It was a hoax, a prank played on her by her Son.   I am sure she is not laughing!

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It is official the Tennessee couple from the Today Show is the winner!  Congratulations to John and Lisa Robinson!

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Congratulations to the winners. I hope the winners step forward. I know the pick is a California Super Lotto Plus pick.

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In response to RedStang

Wow so you were 1 white ball away from the jackpot? That would suck lol. 71 split would be no picnic either but a good amount. Or I guess plus the 3 others would be a 74 split for about $21,621,621 each before taxes on the full $1.6 billion annuity. Still would have been a great amount. Cash would be amount $13,000,000 each I think.

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