Powerball fever: Players snatch up tickets


Finally a new thread. 

1st to post!

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One winner.

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I'm glad that I got multi-draw tickets like usual. I'm good for the next 8 draws for both Mega and PB.

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DanceOne Ticket - One Winner

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I wonder, if there is just one winner, if that person would eventually develop the "Affluenza" disorder.  Or, do you have to be a teenager to develop that?


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One Ticket 

One Winner 




$1.5 Billion now ??


2 winners. PA and TX


Perfect time to rob a convenience store.

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How much would the jackpot be if nobody wins on Wednesday?

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Powerball simulator


this is pretty fun!  lol

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If you want to confuse people in line tell them they sold out of tickets.


Hello Lottery Players


Can someone who knows about "poisson distribution" and other such esoteric topics inform us neophites about the odds of someone actually winning on Wednesday's drawing? or the odds or a roll over?

Also, what would be the jackpot if nobody wins on Wednesday?


PS I apologize if this was done recently. I just don't have the time available to read the hundreds of recent posts.

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