Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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Todd and Everyone,

Wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, and a special thanks to Todd for this fantastic website.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Enjoy your day Everyone!!!

Blessings Always...

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To the entire Lottery Post Family, enjoy the day, and be Thankful to this extended family as I am.

Have fun, eat and be merry. And if your gonna DRINK then don't DRIVE and if your gonna DRIVE then don't DRINK. Be safe and may God Bless you each and every one.


PartyHyperBananaSun Smiley

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Happy Thanksgiving. Turkey

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Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving too Todd!!!Thank you again for all you do on Georgia Forum!!!



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Happy Thanksgiving to all !

Just happens to be my fav. holiday, I bet it's many others also.

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In response to mjwinsmith

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!


Happy Thanksgiving to the entire LP family!!  Hope everyone has a great day and wins BIGGG!!



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In response to Todd

A very  "Happy Thanksgiving" to all...!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone....!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving all!

My Italian grandmother used to say, "What kinda country is a this, make a such a bigga deal over some chicekna's birthday?"
Green laugh

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I'm super grateful for this wonderfully enjoyable, ever updated website!

Now let's share group eat, drink, and profound merriness.  Turkey

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all, glad to be part of this great community of eggheads, and wow, 16 good years? I wonder where I have been... Anyway, wishing the entire LP House many, many, many more Thanksgiving celebrations ahead.I Agree!

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Happy Thanksgiving! I was supposed to be in Tampa, FL. However, the company needed me to give up my load so another driver could get home for Thanksgiving. So, I can't buy any Florida lotto tickets. Since I'm stuck in the Atlanta area, I have access to my personal vehicle. I'll buy some tickets for Georgia's lotto jackpot game currently valued at $3.8 million.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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In response to MzDuffleBaglady

Happy Thanksgiving to all


TurkeyTurkeyUS FlagTurkeyTurkeyThumbs Up

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Thank you Todd for creating this special meeting room. The LP has been a boon in many ways. I give thanks to all the family members in the room for servings of amazing ideas, controversial opinions, and whole heaps of laughter inducing material. It was kismet that we met, and I'm better for it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Thank you Lottery Post staff!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too &  everyone!!Smile

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Thank to our father amen!!!!!

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In response to sully16

Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!  Hope all had a good one!!!!!!  And YES Glenn lives and Nicholas doesn't.   Now we must go and fight something much worse and evil than zombies............trolls.


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 2 Todd & all Lottery Post Winner'$$




Happy Thanksgiving to Todd and Lottery Post Staff Members as well as LP members!

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