Massachusetts Lottery to replace aging lottery terminals


Well there will be new RNGs coming ... if you won pretty good with the old machines ... who can say what the future will be with QPs?

"Officials hope the costs of both jobs will come in under $65.5 million and expect bids from the industry's three largest companies: GTech S.p.A., an Italian company with its US headquarters in Rhode Island; Las Vegas-based Scientific Games; and Greek firm Intra-lot SA."

Which company will have the better RNGs ??? ... or do they all get that part of the machine from another manufacturer.


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"A place in Massachusetts State Lottery headquarters which the repair technicians refer to as "the MacGyver room." Green laugh   I Agree! it is time to retire the terminals.

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Well masssachusetts is not the worst state with aging lottery terminal on my list . The worst state on my list is Oklahoma state they were talking the last time how poorly their state lottery has been performing they even cancelled their pick4 draw because they are not making money but they still use lottery machine from the fifties go figure their brains are still in the fifties they can't see the light and invest in state of the art lottery machine .and all their draw is $1 and no straight/box for fifty cents each how stupid can this lottery officials in Oklahoma be. Am a truck driver and I travel all 48 states and am not excited at all playing in Oklahoma because there lottery machine sucks. Texas across the state line from Oklahoma conducts pick4 draw four times per day with state of the art machines Oklahoma cancelled the only one draw they conduct per day so why the hell do we even need Oklahoma for I wish Texas will one day invade and occupy that state .

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It's about time.

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Don't forget you can play Massachusetts  Megabuck Doubler by subscription from anywhere in the US, by phone.


That is so true myturn; I have a subscription for Megabucks Doubler bought here in KY.  As for the other subscription services I have my brother get them for me in my home state (MA).  I hate the 1961 outdated law that prevents playing other lotteries across state lines such as Powerball, Mega Millions or Lucky 4 Life.  Wish the DOJ would turn a blind eye to that law like they have recently in other laws.

There was a interesting article on CNN's website about lottery winners with most of it devoted to Jack Whitaker.

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That is because jack Whitaker is the biggest loser of all lottery winners. He wore black all over plus a black cowboy hat when he won over $300,000,000 on Christmas day. Go figure the enormous power of black holes. Anyway I saw him dressed that way on TV and I said to myself this will be another hit on YouTube biggest lossers. He lost his grand daughter lost his wife, took half million dollars to strip club and left that in his SUV outside while he got a lap dance.well if it was me I will actually be sitting on that brief case while I get my lap dance. An the dancers better play by the rules by not going below my butt. And his name jack Whitaker means Winner Takes All B4 winner losses all. Bash

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- She was a mother of three living in a small apartment and working four jobs. And then, as if in a fairy tale, she won her state's lottery last year. But the story doesn't have the happy ending you might expect.

She didn't do anything overly extravagant after the $1.3 million got slashed in taxes. She bought a house, got a new wardrobe at the Salvation Army, cut work down to just one job and invested the rest.

And then came the phone calls: promises, marriage proposals, accusations, threats. People who used to volunteer to help her do things wanted money for their trouble. Family members, she says, tried to run her life, and control her money.

"Sometimes I wish I could change my name and go somewhere and hide," said the woman, who asked not to be identified to prevent further attention.

It's fun to think about what you would do if you played lottery numbers that brought in millions of dollars. But, disillusioning as it may seem, big winnings can come with big costs, especially because of the greed of others, experts say.


Winning is not the problem, its the públicity that causes the difficulties. This is why anonymity should be allowed to all winners.

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JoeBigLotto:  Just watched Jack Whitaker on Youtube like you said.  There he was, just as you said, decked out in black on presentation day for the money.

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In response to Crazy Wombat

Yep, Michigan had Scientific Games until about 1989 and then switched to GTECH.  The easy picks did seem to switch then.

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