N.M. man told $500k winning lottery ticket a 'misprint'

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It's a tough break for John, but indeed, a misprint. If the "1" which matched his numbers just said ONE underneath the number instead of "TW" and the NM Lottery refused to pay him, there'd be legitimate cause for a lawsuit. But it looks like several numbers on his ticket were blurred out and he should receive some compensation in addition to the tickets, although not the full prize.

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They should honor their mistake.

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should get more the a 100 dollar it is there mistake.

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Its a printer,they do malfunction sometimes.Not really a fan of scratch off tickets.


Casinos have been declaring malfunctions on their one-armed bandits for several years now, denying the player a good hunk of money.  Looks as if the lottery has picked up on the scheme.  Look for more "misprints" on scratch off in the future.


This is just another reason why I stay clear of scratchers tickets.You guaranteed a BS answer if they think they have a chance of screwing you over by claiming" misprint"

The words no one wants to hear...

" We did a reconstruction of your ticket and guess what Pal, you lose"..end of discussion. 

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"There's a 1 right here for $250,000," said Wines. "Right below that is another 1 and it's a $250,000 winner." But there was a problem - the maximum prize for the ticket is $250,000.

The title of this article is very misleading because there never was a winning lottery ticket. Looking at the "14" in the third line it's obvious another digit was on the right side of the "1" in the first and second lines. It even says below the picture you see where not all of the other digit was scratched off.

According to the clerk where I buy my tickets, at least once a week someone will scratch off the other digit trying to make a "14" or "19" look like a "1". What the players didn't know, if the digit is a "1", "one" will be below it and not "fortn" or "nintn".

I'll bet on the back of the ticket is some type of misprint disclaimer and says something like "Prizes over $25,000 must be claimed at the New Mexico Lottery headquarters".

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I understand his frustrations but it looks like abbreviated numbers underneath the ones. Definitely a missprint. He should be grateful he got those free tickets, he might win of those.


He should have taken the $100 in lottery tickets. Who knows, maybe a real jackpot winner would be in there.

While some misprints could be debatable, this one is clear-cut loser. Not only are the numbers wrong, but the combination of so-called winners is clearly invalid. A large "jackpot" ticket, in every instant game I'm familiar with, would never have a smaller $50, $75, etc winner too...

Immediate size winners also are most typically limited in what combinations are valid. For example, if one is playing PA bingo and there's a common bingo number needed to complete two lines on the same card ... one for say $25 and also for $1000, that bingo number is not coming up; if it did, the ticket is non-conforming. Some states publish detailed winning combination info, such as Pennsylvania, while many others, such as New Mexico, don't.

I'm amazed more misprints don't occur. Hopefully, New Mexico Lottery contracts out with a different printer and/or improves the quality checks. And while they're at it, increase their claim period from 90 days to at least 180 days, or even better 1 year. Any lottery with such a short claim period is immediately suspect - seemingly more focused on cheating players out of their winnings than building a loyal player base, but I digress.

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Here's the thing, how many winners have been thrown away because of misprints too? No one will ever know. Funny how that works in their favor, don't ya think?

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Same. Too easy for mistakes like this to happen.

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Wow that suxs the NML should do the right thing.

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Ron, some instant tickets--mainly the Bingo--I've played in Missouri and Florida have had $25,003 prizes (the top prize plus a $3 line) so it's not unheard of, but in this case, you're spot on. $250,075, what an odd prize!

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I just hope the unfortunate guy didn't tell his boss exactly what he thinks of them before the bad news kicked in because the boss would be the one having the last laugh.

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Aside from what is printed on the face of the scratch ticket, the ticket is protected by the bar code. So the value of the ticket can always be determined by the bar code , despite the symbols or numbers on the ticket face.

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It's very clear that neither of those numbers are just "1".  He should at least get the cost of the ticket refunded though.

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"He should at least get the cost of the ticket refunded though."

People keep using the word "misprint" when it looks like the second digit was scratched off in the top line. Wouldn't that open the door for anyone scratching off the second digit in any number from 10 to 19 and then getting a refund on a worthless ticket?

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Wait a minute there Stack..The lottery officials told him that they " aware of the misprint " on that batch, yet they continued to sell them instead of pulling their product off the sheves,perhaps thinking that no one would catch it...well duh.

The last thing l need to hear is " we know there is a defective batch out there"..but since you the only one complaining- we guess it's not that severe after all..

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Ticket obviously says 12 and 18, not 1 and 1. He must not be able to read either, because under 12 it Tw.... and under 18 is Et.... so duh get a life.

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Exactly, they guy would have to be a borderline retard to think he won on that ticket. I would LMFAO if they turned around and sued him for


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I'm usually a person that says, "pay the guy," but in this case looking at the ticket it's pretty clear those numbers are not 1's.

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I would probably agree with you, but John was only one seeing the email and his credibility is skeptical.

John says he thought he hit the big one. But he says when he went to the gas station to get his money, it didn't work.

I don't expect everybody to be lottery savvy, but expecting to collect over $500,000 at a gas station?

He was offered $100 worth of tickets, which was a nice gesture considering he believe he won over $1/2 million when the top prize was a quarter million.

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The New Mexico Lottery did offer him $100 in lottery tickets.

I hope their not the same tickets.

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Now that would be messed up.

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l get what you saying about this guy attempting to get the gas station clerk to pay him half a million dollars- my original beef was them continuing to sell defective scratcher tickets. If Advil had a misprint on their bottles- those items are recalled immediately because of lawsuits- with scratchers" keep them rolling people"..they losing tickets anyway..

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I agree, if they know it is a defective batch, they should pull it.   If it was defective in the buying public's favor, you can bet they would pull it in a heartbeat.

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First thing I thought after reading the story is how did he expect to win $500,000 when the top prize is $250,000?

And as mentioned, the barcode indicates a winner or loser.

He's trying to pull a fast one. A very sloppy fast one. LOL.

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You can still part of the second digit on both of them. It doesn't take a genius to know that it was a misprint.


They are taking it just  as serious ,but what they are doing is illegal ,if it appears to be a winner than it should be a winning ticket,  the reason why you scratch. Lottery tickets also don't say anything about claiming a misprint. What mainly appears on it should be official. Try to make  payments in advance for anything   than tell them that it was a mistake  and to send you  your money back.

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