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Woo Hoo $636 million.....BananaDanceWhite Bounce


Holy <snip>.

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75 white balls.. Really.. This is going to be cray cray if this jackpot don't go toinght. They knew it would roll this high when they changed the balls to 75 white balls. There are only 15 red, but you still have to get 5/75 and the matching red ball to boot. Yikes!


I can't stop grinning.

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I'm going to try this one more time, lol.Party

I bought a ticket for last Friday, "not one number".


WTG @ ToddBanana


Good Luck.


Holy Mega Millions Batman

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In response to JWBlue

My thoughts exactly Shocked Big Smile

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HaHa. You sound like us at 1:00.

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In response to Quinto

Right. Suckers out there pluncking down $50, $100, $200-plus for tickets chasing this pipe dream. I'll buy my usual three with MP to be 'in the game', but this is looking like bad reality TV right now.

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if not hit tonight they will have to call it "Mega Billions" lol

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May have to go out and buy my second $1.00 after all...  Smiley


To say this is exciting is an under statement!!!!!!!!  I have no doubt there will be one Winner!!!!!!! I dont think it will be tonight.  I think I will win it on Friday.  I have my 31 page plan laid out.  Just need the transfer of funds to hit.  Wont actually claim it until late February or early

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Here we go folks!


I want to bring this home for Pennsylvania's first big win in Mega Millions!

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holy cow

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Why is California always winning?

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is it   Albany ,Gergia or Dawson,Georgia !! what city in Georgia!!

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In response to BBLL

Yeah, and why is it that I never win?


Lebron crying


Tallapoosa Ga or Waco Ga one time

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It's also on ABC News Website. Dang, somebody is going to have one dam nice Christmas. When I looked at the low number sum range, I had a gutt feeling someone hit. The funny thing is is that only one number was a cold number that was drawn for the first time tonight. Oh well, I'll play again in 3 month.

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In response to BBLL

Large population = Large amount of players = Higher probability of a winner

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In response to Theox-

I might just spending my money to california everytime there is a high jackpot.I guess it is no fun to keep seeing California win.  If I create a national lottery I would ban California from join.

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In response to BBLL

Cali got gunplay, models on the runway. Scream Biggie Biggie gimme One More Chance!

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Commiefornia won AGAIN!?  Something isn't right with that.  There needs to be an investigation.  And don't give me the higher population excuse either.  They only got 2 bucks from me on friday.  That is the end of playing national games for me.  I am going with state only games,  as I don't want any more of my money going to corrupt california.

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In response to whiteballz


BBLL's avatar - audi r8-wallpaper-bla
In response to pickone4me

Me tooBS


Do you think we will see one billion jackpot in the future?  When it's going to happen?


We need to break Spain lottery record. 900 million jackpot.


What part of Georgia were the winners tickets purchased?

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In response to

It will happen... 2014 might be the year of the Billion Dollar Jackpot...

You never know, it might be Powerball that does it first lol

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GA winner. CA winner. Anyone else?

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