Florida to join multi-state Mega Millions lottery

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California, Wyoming now Florida....can you say Lottery Fever!!!!BananaHurray!Dance

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Yep, but hopefully Alabama will be next.  But welcome Florida to Mega Millions!

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Congrats Florida players!  You finally get to join the party!  Thumbs Up

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Congrats Fla!! My sister lives in FLA, now she can get both games to play. What will be the odds now of winning a Jackpot! 42 states playing now.

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I got a brother in law who going to be one happy guy, Congrats Florida !


 Well HELl YEAH! Just in time for when I plan to travel back to Florida May to June time frame.

   Can't wait to play. lol Gonna be buying my MM and PB Tickets all the time for the few weeks I'm there.

 Now please can the Mega Millions get BIG such as that $656Million;

 The Powerball near that $587Million around the time I'm there?! LOL lol I have not got to join in an play when it's BIG like that.


Cool Drum

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so last 2 holdout states are about to fall, woot for  100% national "ever state with  a  lottery" jackpot


ca getting pb in april  followed by florida getting mm on may,   so 43 states with all the games,    could be 44 states if Wyoming does ever thing right.


so soon we can look at 6 states who don't have one and say

why  so slow/late to the party? 

thro i understand why some don't make one,  them big casino's people own all there major lawmakers over in them states rofl

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In response to joshuacloak

You're not trying to say Senator Harry Reid(D) of Nevada is a crook, are you?

Just because he became a multi-millionaire after taking office doesn't necessarily mean he's a crook, ya know.

Maybe he won it all in a casino in Vegas.

Yeah, that's the ticket, he won it all in Vegas.

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4.5 billion in sales, huh? A good chunk of that came from me, lol!!

I knew they couldn't hold out forever. It was just a matter of time. Now I don't have to send away for tickets from my friends in TX and GA.

Have they said anything about the Megaplier, or is that standard now?

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Congrats, Florida.

Just know that no matter how long it takes the second time someone in FL wins the MM jackpot someone on here will post, "How come it's always Florida?"

In response to Coin Toss

What we have here is a lottery Tsunami. Hiding Behind Computer

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yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - now I dont have to ask anybody from Mass. to play Mega Millions for me when the jackpot get over the top...LOL


I am happy. Smash

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Good luck to Florida joining Mega Millions. Just to let everyone know that California is joining Powerball for their first draw on Wednesday April 10, 2013.

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